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7 Great Tips For Planning A Dream Wedding On A Small Budget

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Are you in the process of planning your dream wedding? Are you in sticker shock at the cost? Many couples who decide to tie the knot are surprised at how quickly wedding expenses can add up. If you are frustrated that your dream wedding may be out of your reach due to financial restraints, or you just don’t want to spend your entire life savings all in one day, you will be happy to know that you can have your dream wedding even on a tight budget. Read on for some great wedding budget tips that will help make your dream wedding become a reality.

1) Set A Budget: The first step to planning a dream wedding with limited funds is to determine your budget. As you and your fiancé make your budget it is also a good idea to discuss what you would like your wedding to look like. What are your dreams and aspirations for the big day? Once you have your wedding budget worksheet complete and have a vision of what your wedding will look like it is time to dig into the details.

2) The Guest List: One of the easiest ways to trim the cost of your wedding is to keep the guest list small. For example, you don’t need to invite your third cousin who you have only met once in your lifetime. Small weddings are also more intimate and are easier to plan.

3) Food And Alcohol: Depending on what you decide to serve you guests in terms of food and alcohol, you could be looking at a small fortune. Be creative in order to keep costs down. Some ideas include skipping the hard alcohol and instead going with a nice variety of wine and beer. Consider a morning wedding with a brunch reception or have a late evening wedding with just a dessert and dance reception.

4) The Wedding Dress: Of course, what you wear on your special day is very personal, but in the same sense it does not need to break your pocketbook. Do you know someone who is a seamstress and can help you make your own dress? Can you wear your mom’s dress, grandmother’s dress or a friend’s dress? You may also consider renting a dress, buying one second hand or buying directly off the rack.

5) The Cake: Having the perfect cake is important to many brides and grooms to be, and of course you will want to make sure that yours is special. Do you have a friend who is a baker that could make the cake as a wedding gift to you? If not, consider a small specialty cake for the cake table and photographs, but have the same cake baked into less-expensive sheet cakes to serve to your guests.

6) Flowers: Flowers are a big part of weddings and help to set the mood and ambiance. While having a ton of costly flowers may look nice, when you need to keep costs down, instead think simple and elegant. Having the bridesmaids carry just a single stemmed rose is a great cost savings tip. Other saving ideas include buying from a floral warehouse and making our own arrangements.

7) Do It Yourself Centerpieces And Favors. A final great saving tip is to make your own centerpieces and favors. Call on your friends to help, brainstorm ideas, visit your local craft store to purchase what you need and then pick a day to assemble your creations.

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