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A 5 Step Guide To Choosing The Perfect Engagement Ring

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An engagement ring is more than a piece of jewelry: it is symbolic of a promise and a statement of love that you and your partner have for another. This added importance however can often lead to panic and confusion for the ringer buyer, who can buckle under the pressure of choosing such a momentous piece of jewelry. If you are looking to buy an engagement ring but have no idea where to start, then have no fear. Here is a quick 5 step guide to help you choose the perfect engagement ring, making sure that your proposal will be all the more enhanced by a beautiful and tasteful ring.

Will it be a Surprise, or Will You and Your Partner Choose Together?

Perhaps the most crucial part of choosing an engagement is deciding whether to choose it alone or whether to wait until after the proposal and take your partner ring shopping with you. Each choice has pros and cons: going for the surprise route can be romantic, but the ring you choose may also be completely not to the taste of your partner. The choice ultimately is yours: if you are going for a big surprise proposal, then get the ring beforehand. If you want something smaller and more intimate (or you know your partner is picky when it comes to jewelry), then consider letting her in on the ring buying process.

Choose a Make or Brand

Choosing the right jeweler is an important step in choosing the right ring, as a jewelry can either help you buy a branded ring or in some cases even help create a ring from scratch. Going for a big name can help: quality is almost always a guarantee. However, if you want to save a little cash, then opting for an online jeweler could be the right move. Do a little digging among your partner’s friends and family: they may know if your partner already has her heart set on a certain brand like a Tacori engagement ring, or if she has any other preferences vis-a-vis the ring.

Consider Size and Band

The band of a ring is the actual metal part that goes around the finger, which comes in various metals and sizes. The first challenge when it comes to a band is getting it the right size. If possible, steal a ring from your partner’s jewelry box to take with you when you go to the store so it can be sized. Bear in mind however that the ring finger is a slimmer ringer, so you might need a slightly smaller cut if the test ring is usually worn on the middle or index finger.

The second thing to decide is the metal itself. You can probably discern for yourself from a quick sweep or your partner’s jewelry box if she prefers gold-colored or silver-colored jewelry, so that should be your first port of call. On from that, there are practical differences between metals that should be taken into account. Gold is the classic precious metal, but it often is not a good for diamonds as they can actually make the stone seem yellowish. Amongst the silver-colored metals, white gold and platinum are probably your best bets, but they each have pros and cons. White gold can look stunning when bought, but it will need to be re-dipped every 5-10 years or so. Platinum is generally better wearing, but is also rather more expensive than gold or white gold.

Pick the Right Gemstone and Cut

The traditional stone for an engagement ring is of course a diamond, but there is room for maneuver if you have other ideas about the perfect ring. If your soon-to-be fiancee has a love of rubies for example, then that can make the perfect personalized engagement ring. Once you have decided on a gemstone, you need to think about the cut. How do you want the stone to be presented on the ring? Do you want one stone, or multiple smaller ones? A good jeweler should be able to show you different cuts, like the Princess Cut or the Round Brilliant cut. From there, making your choice should be simple.

Standalone or Part of a Wedding Band Set?

One should always remember that an engagement ring will soon be followed by a wedding band, so if you partner wants to wear both, then they need to fit together well. One way to skirt around this problem is to buy an engagement and wedding band set—the rings will match and fit into each other perfectly. Sets can also have you money over buying the rings separately, but it can also pose a problem if your partner wanted a say on the wedding ring (and also if you want to wear a wedding ring as well). Either way, all of the above concerns need to be applied to your choice of set.

This is a guest post by Georgia Webster. She is a freelance writer who loves to share her tips and advice on all things wedding related.

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