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Artistic Save-the-Date Video

Allison & Jared are Getting Married!! Save the Date!! Engagement Photo-Shoot. from Thomas Marlow.

Thomas Marlow was the photographer behind the creation of this video with the happy couple,  Allison and Jared who were just married this past May.

The inspiration behind this shoot:
Thomas says “The shoot was done in my studio with two white sweeps and two studio lights.  I bought some old furniture from a thrift-store and painted it white.  I had Allison and Jared wear white as well and allowed them to pick out the colors of the paint they used. It was regular latex household paint bought from Home Depot.  I positioned the camera on a tripod behind a piece of glass, which you can see Allison & Jared painted on at the end of the slideshow (Save the Date)”.

Enjoy 3 Free Samples from Elli

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