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Bridesmaid’s Gift – Lumnique Candles

 What’s a bride to do when she wants to give a personal gift to each of her bridesmaids, but doesn’t want to give each friend the same thing? We’ve found Luminique. The perfect way to give every bridesmaid identical, yet completely unique gifts.

Lumnique isn’t just a candle. You’ll discover Lumnique candles are anything but ordinary. Each one is handcrafted to order and customized with the characteristics that make your bridesmaid special – because you picked them out yourself! With personalized color, fragrance and messaging, thoughtfulness has never been so chic.

An easy-to-follow website takes you through the 5 steps to customize your candles:

  1. Choose Intention
  2. Choose Color
  3. Choose Fragrance
  4. Choose Gift Set
  5. Personalize it

That’s it. The packaging is just a gorgeous as the candle itself.  Each Lumnique candle is made of soy wax blend that is hand-mixed, poured and cured by order to preserve its fragrance made of essential oils. Environmentally friendly color dyes are used along with a cotton wick, making Lumnique candles clean-burning and fresh. A thick solid, rectangular-shaped glass jar with a lid can be used long after the candle is completely burned. Visit Lumnique to get started. They even have next business day shipping.


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