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Choosing the Right Bridesmaid Dresses

Weddings are definitely an expensive affair.  And if you’ve been a bridesmaid, you know it doesn’t even have to be your own wedding for costs to start adding up.  As a considerate bride, you should be conscious of the price of the bridesmaid dresses you choose, as well as the style.  If anyone has seen 27 Dresses (or lived it), you know you don’t want to be stuck with a dress that you spent a lot of money on and can never, or never want to, wear again.  There are a lot of inexpensive bridesmaid dresses that are versatile enough that they can be worn again for a different occasion.

David’s Bridal has even come up with separates for those women who prefer to have a separate top and bottom.  These can be easily mixed and matched with the collections that are designed to complement each other.  Each bridesmaid can put her own spin on her outfit at the wedding while still matching the rest of the bridal party in one of the 21 colors available. Then she can wear the top or bottom in a completely different style on a separate occasion.

I know it’s the bride’s big day but try to keep your bridesmaids in mind, they will surely appreciate it.  And remember the golden rule, because you never know whose bridesmaid you might be next!

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  • I totally agree with this article it can be a nightmare if you are working to a budget to have to think about the price of additional dresses for the bridal party. An idea as well as inexpensive dresses is to look at used dresses. A lot of them have only been used once before and are loved just as much the first time round as you will love the on the second!

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