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Classic Wedding Fashions: Bring Back the Elegance


Weddings require a great deal of planning and logistics. While wedding costs can get costly, there are many classic wedding traditions and fashions that are less expensive and extremely elegant and memorable. By utilizing these fashions instead of some newer, pricier options, you can enjoy a unique and meaningful wedding.  By bringing back those older styles can help make your big day even more special and memorable.

Wearing Your Mother’s Dress 

One excellent economical wedding tradition that seems to have fallen into the history books is that of wearing your mother’s wedding dress. While many brides-to-be would shutter at the idea of wearing outdated fashions previously owned by their mothers, often a mother’s wedding dress possesses a vintage style that is beautiful and one of a kind.

Even taking a look at your grandmother’s wedding dress may surprise you. The 1920s and 1930s era was filled with old Hollywood glamor, and that style of elegance and class is timeless.

If your mother’s dress isn’t quite your style as is, ask for her permission to make alterations. Your mother will more than likely understand that her particular dress may not be as flattering for you as it was for her. By making small alterations, or even simple changes such as adding a sash or decorative pins, you can wear your mother’s dress proudly while still making it your own. You can also significantly reduce one of the major expenses of getting married.

A Familiar Venue 

Remember when people used to get married at home? Nowadays, venues for weddings can be extremely expensive and stressful to secure. However, the style of getting married at home is making a comeback. Wealthy, beautiful, and famous individuals around the country are choosing small, private ceremonies at their homes instead of lavish weddings at grand ballrooms. This style of wedding will not only provide you with an intimate and meaningful ceremony, but it will save you a great deal of money in the process.

Hair and Makeup

You don’t need a celebrity stylist to do your hair and makeup for your big day. Traditionally, your mother and your bridesmaids were there to help you prepare for your wedding. Let them do the work! Enlist the help of your friends and family for a classic hairstyle. Try something elegant and not too complicated. You don’t want to look overdone or dramatic. Also, doing your own makeup or having a friend help you can mean using more subtle and less dramatic makeup. Often, brides look their bests with minimal makeup.

Vintage weddings are regal, elegant, and classic. The styles of weddings past are often forgotten or substituted for the big, bold weddings of today. However, classic wedding styles and fashions are often more intimate and meaningful than lavish affairs.

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