{diy Projects} Fruit & Vegitable Candles

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Photo: Kitchen Kapers

Are you planning your fall wedding?  If your incorporating the whole fall theme into your wedding you are probaby using pumpkins, apples, squash and other fall fruit in some way or another. Here is a great budget saving idea. The Candle Carver!  Who do we thank for this great gadget!  Apples are cheap and so are tealight candles. According to the website, you can easily carve tealight shaped holes in nearly any fruit or vegitable. I found it at Kitchen Kapers for $11.99. 

If you don’t want to diy this project, you can find life size apple candles in red, green and yellow $3.50 each or mini apple candles at $21.00 per dozen at waxwizard.net


Photo: Kitchen Kapers