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{diy Projects} Ice Sculptures

Do you want to have an ice sculpture at your wedding? You can!  Ice sculpture molds are the perfect solution. You will find a few wedding themed ones on the internet. I have listed some of the websites below.

For our wedding, I chose this Carlisle Bride & Groom ice sculpture. It’s really beautiful  under the light. It stands 28″ high. It cost $60. Yes you read that right – $60. This is a one-time mold.  The instructions are easy to follow. Just fill, freeze and cut the molding off. Probably the most difficult task is moving it. It is very heavy so have a plan.  I had my catering company fill it, cut the mold off, deliver it and set it up – at no additional cost.  Talk to your catering company and  see if they will work with you.  It sure made our wedding special and I was able to put that additional $500 towards something else.

Below are some links to various ice sculptures including this one.

 Ice Sculpture Trays

I looked every where for an ice tray. They range from $177 on up. Please! It’s a tray with a drainage tube. I got a custom made ice tray for about $45 from the Mold Maker.  You can reach him at

Ice Sculpture Lighting

Websites that offer lights for ice sculptures:

Enjoy 3 Free Samples from Elli

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