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{diy projects} Wine Glass Vellium Lampshades

There is nothing more romantic than candlelight, especially candlelight glowing through translucent paper. An inexpensive wine glass can become an elegant candle lamp when topped with a vellum shade. Use them as centerpieces on each of your table.  White, off-white or pastel colors will allow the most light to shine through the shades. Save on Craft has supplied a list of supplies, a downloadable pattern and these step-by-step instructions to make your custom vellium lampshades.


Here’s how, from Save On Crafts:

  1. Download and print out this lampshade pattern.
  2. Trace the pattern onto your vellum sheet. Cut out the shape with your regular scissors. If you want, you can use decorative bladed scissors along the bottom edge to add another element to the shade.
  3. If you like, use a paper punch to punch holes evenly or haphazardly throughout the shade, as shown in the PDF.
  4. Using the glue pen, apply a thin line of glue to one straight end. Wrap the other end over the glued end, and adhere together, forming the shade.
  5. Secure the tealight with the candle putty, and set the lampshade on top of your glass.

Not crafty? No worries Save On Crafts has many styles to choose ready to ship to you.  Check out their Luminiaria Wine Glass Lamp Shades , 4 for $9.

Enjoy 3 Free Samples from Elli

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