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{diy Wedding Projects} Make A Springtime Cake Pops Bouquet

Look at this cute cakepop bouquet idea by Penny Card Studios.  I have listed the steps below but to get more information like how to make the cakepops and another flower tutorial that helped her create these visit their site.

Get more photos and the  Springtime Polka Dot Flowers template here.

Assembly Instructions:
1.  Print out my colorful polka dot squares. Use plain old copy paper or cardstock, using your printer’s best quality settings. Cut out each square!
2.  Take a square and fold it in half.
3.  Then fold it in half again.
4.  And fold it in half one more time.
5.  Now use your scissors to trim your little triangle into a petal shape. Depending on how you trim it, your flowers can turn out quite different from one another. Experiment with fun shapes!
6.  Unfold your petals carefully to reveal your new flower. Simple as that! Now repeat with your other squares.
7.  Turn your finished flowers over and draw a teeny little “X” in the center of each one. Now use the tip of your scissors or an x-acto knife (be careful not to leave kiddos in charge of this step, just in case!), to cut the lines of your “X”.
8.  Now dip all of your cake pops, decorate as desired, and let dry thoroughly. Attach each flower by gently slipping each lollipop stick into the hole created in step 7. You may need to shave off any excess candy coating that drips down the stick (your X-Acto or a fingernail works great for this) to be able to get each flower up to the base of your cake ball.
9.  Arrange your finished cake pop flowers into a container of some sort. I used a small mason jar I had on hand filled with white chocolate chips, but these would look great in just about anything! I bet they’d be terribly cute in a mini tera cotta pot with some floral foam stuffed in the bottom!

Photography & Project: Penny Candy Studios

Enjoy 3 Free Samples from Elli

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