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{diy Wedding Projects} Music Sheets Wedding Piñata

For the music lovers! This is the cutest thing I have every seen in the form of a pinata.

Materials Needed:

– Over sized balloons
– Newspaper
– Glue
– Music sheets
– Love notes

This project is pretty straight forward:

  1. Blow up the balloon
  2. Cut newspaper into strips.  Soak newspaper strips in water and glue, then cover the entire balloon
  3. After the balloon dries, cover it with the music sheets
    Pop balloon
  4. Cut a small hole into the side of the pinata and put aside
  5. Cut a small hole into the top of the pinata, insert a rope it and pull it through the hole you created, tie a knot bigger than the hole at the top. This will secure it to hang.
  6. Put in love notes
  7. Reattach the cut out piece and cover it with music sheets.

That’s it! It’s ready to hang.

Project: Ruffled®
Photos by John Schnack Photography


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