{diy Wedding Projects} Printable Jelly Jar Burst Labels

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Are you giving jam to your guests as a wedding favor? Here is a printable label already designed and ready to be printed. No need for any special design skills or software. Just print, punch and tie.

Labels available are:  Apricot butter,  strawberry jam, cherry chutney, and a blank label on which you can write your own recipe name. These are 2″ in diameter, sized to fit on the tops of 8 oz. jelly jars.

Materials Needed:

– *Sticky label paper {comes in sheets}
– Card stock
– Single hand hole punch
– Color Printer or bring to a Kinko’s FedX

*Note – the tutorial states to print these pdf file, with the labels, at 100%.

 Project & Photography:  HowAboutOrange.blogspot