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Foods To Avoid Serving At Your Wedding

In between wedding toasts and the conga line, comes the meal. Aside from seeing the bride in her gorgeous dress and getting a glimpse of the glorious wedding cake, many people are most excited about the food. The catering is, no doubt, one of the most important aspects of any wedding and in most cases can make or break the reception. Because of this, it’s important to avoid certain foods at your wedding, including:

  • Risky foods: Foods such as raw meat or eggs and unpasteurized cheese are not good options for a wedding menu. Not only will most people be hesitant to eat those types of food, but it could easily cause a food poisoning outbreak, especially if your reception is outdoors.
  • “Sluggish” foods: Foods that makes your guests tired and sluggish like turkey and mashed potatoes should be avoided. While these filling foods may be delicious, it could lower the energy level significantly. After all, you want your guests to be lively, dance and enjoy the wedding reception that you paid so much for.
  • Overly bizarre foods: While you and your soon to be spouse may be adventurous eaters, most of your wedding guest will not be. You will likely have a plethora of picky eaters and children that will be completely horrified to eat anything out of the ordinary. Luckily, there are many universally acceptable, yet unique food options to choose from. So, save the fish fat and brains for another day and opt for something everyone will enjoy.
  • Five coursed meals: Wedding guests enjoy mingling and dancing, so don’t weigh them down with a five coursed meal. If you are having a sit-down dinner, try to stick to just 3 courses. After all, you want your guests to enjoy the entertainment and watch your first dance instead of being preoccupied with their time-consuming meal.
  • Extremely spicy foods: Unless you know your guests will love it, try to avoid spicy foods. Your guests with sensitive stomachs will be more likely to get sick and everyone will be tearing up from the spices. Avoid a potential restroom fiasco and offer foods that ease the stomach rather than upset it. In the end, your guests will be laughing, mingling and dancing the night away comfortably and happily.
  • Overly elaborate foods: It’s better to keep the meals simple rather than load it up with a lot of unnecessary garnishes. By adding extra frills, it will take the caterers more time to plate the food and you will end up spending extra money for something that’s superfluous.

Remember, even if your wedding reception doesn’t fall during a mealtime, you should still supply some tasty snacks so people can fuel their dance moves. Not to mention, there will likely be alcohol consumption and guests will need food to soak it all up. Although planning a wedding can be challenging, if you choose a good menu that takes into consideration the above mentioned guidelines then you will be pleased with the outcome.

This article was written exclusively for Becoming The Mrs. by LowCountry Barbecue, proud to be a leading Atlanta wedding caterer, serving happy couples on their big day for more 25 years. LowCountry specializes in events, big or small, across the country; no location is too far and no party is too much.

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