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{GB} 10 Affordable Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love

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Planning a wedding can be stressful and extremely expensive. You have so much to worry about: the gown, the wedding party apparel, the catering, the venue, the music, the cake… The list goes on and on. And don’t forget those wedding favors! One of the best things about going to a wedding is coming home with a fun wedding favor that will help your guests remember your special day. But how can you provide your guests with great favors that won’t break the bank? Give the following ten affordable wedding favors a try:

1. Have your flowers double as both decoration and favors

Beautiful flower arrangements are an essential part of every wedding and reception—but have you considered the possibility that your flowers could act as favors, too? You can easily create small, inexpensive floral arrangements for each place setting for your guests to take home. Our advice? Don’t get these arrangements through your florist—they’ll be very pricey. Instead, take a DIY approach with this one.

2. Delicious candy in tins

You can buy candy tins at virtually any craft store, and they won’t cost you very much. Now go out and buy some candy in bulk and fill those tins up. Our personal favorites for candy tins? Chocolate kisses or mints.

3. Homemade treats

Everyone loves homemade goodies such as cookies, jams, and fudge. If you love baking or cooking, turn that love into a cheap wedding favor. Simply cook up a large batch of your most famous treats and then wrap them in pieces of white tulle for a snazzy presentation.

4. Customized music CDs

While this option may be time-consuming, it’s a great way to share your special day with your guests—and for not a lot of cash. Create a mixed music CD including songs that are special to you and your soon-to-be spouse.

5. Votive candles

Believe it or not, you can buy votive candles and plain glass candle holders for a great price. Simply put the candle in the holder, wrap it up in tulle, and tie it with a ribbon matching your wedding party’s colors for an elegant presentation.

6. Seeds

There are many wedding favor companies that sell small packets of seeds or pieces of paper with seeds engrained in them specifically to be used as wedding favors. Just think about it—your guests will plant the tree or flower seeds that you supply them with, and each time they look at that particular plant, they’ll be reminded of your special day.

7. Wine glass markers

Wine glass markers are extremely easy to make and, when made yourself, are extremely inexpensive. Your local craft store will be able to help you with how to make these unique wedding presents. Place the markers in a small box and tie with a ribbon, or simply place around the wine glass at your guests’ seats with a note to enjoy.

8. Smell-good sachets

This is a more practical wedding favor and, while time-consuming, may be just the thing if you like to sew. All you have to do is make a small bag from lace; sew up three of the sides, then fill with lavender or another smell-good herb, and sew the fourth side up tight. Instead of sewing the final side, you can tie it up with a pretty ribbon for a classic presentation.

9. Card holders

These favors can play a great part in your reception. Choose a fun, inexpensive place card holder and then buy enough for your guests. Use them to note where each of your guests are supposed to sit. When your guests take their favors home, they can use them to show off pictures or greeting cards.

10. Heart-shaped soaps

It’s actually quite easy to make soap, and it’s fairly inexpensive. Your local craft store should be able to instruct you in the process; if not, you can purchase an instructional book at your local craft store. The great thing is that you can make these soaps in whatever shape you want!

These are just ten great, unique, and inexpensive ideas for wedding favors that your guests are sure to love!

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