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{GB} 6 Inspirational Wedding Flower Themes

One popular and effective way of making sure that your wedding is synergised is to build it around a theme. This means that the menu, wedding party and decorations will all center on that theme. When your wedding is designed along those lines, it is easier and more hassle-free to choose your wedding flowers. Wedding flower themes are numerous.

Romantic wedding flower theme

There lives a princess in almost every bride and weddings tend to bring out the romantics in most people. That is probably why a romantic wedding flower theme is one of the most inspirational themes for wedding flowers. This theme will be a mix of colors and hues and stylish arrangements with blooms spilling over the edge of the containers. Blossoms that are often used in creating a romantic wedding flower theme include Calla Lilies, Tulips, Sweet Peas, Lilac, Lilies and of course, Roses.

Oriental wedding flower theme

This is mostly centered on Chinese culture and customs. The oriental wedding flower theme is really very inspirational because it is filled with meanings and symbolism; each flower has a special meaning and certain colors are used in the flower arrangements. Red flowers are very popular for oriental wedding flower themes because red is linked to wealth and happiness in the Chinese culture. White is usually avoided because that color is associated with death. If you decided to go for an oriental wedding flower theme, you could include flowers like Orchids, Lotuses and Peonies and lucky Bamboo.

Tropical wedding flower theme

Tropical flowers are usually big, bold and extravagant. They are also very popular for wedding flowers because they add a lot color and vibrancy. When used with a white wedding, the beauty of the flowers is simply inspiring. Tropical flowers are great for centerpieces, bridal bouquets and general wedding decorations. Some great tropical flowers that can be used are Birds of Paradise, Frangipanis and Anthuriums. These are really versatile flowers and when used creatively can add instant glamour to your wedding.

Hawaiian wedding flower theme

Hawaii is usually synonymous with beautiful flower arrangements so it comes as no surprise really that the Hawaiian wedding flower theme is on a list of inspirational flower themes. Combining tropical flowers with the beach wedding effect, a Hawaiian wedding flower theme is beautiful and evocative. Elegant Anthuriums, Orchids and unusual Tulips can easily be formed into leis to make gorgeous centerpieces.

Rose wedding flower theme

An arrangement of wedding flowers that is made of roses alone might seem a bit over the top. However, if it is created by expert hands, you could have a truly inspiring wedding flower theme. Roses can be used as buttonholes for the groom and groomsmen, in the bride’s wedding bouquet and in the decorations including the centerpieces. The beauty of using Roses as a wedding flower theme is that roses come in such a wide variety of colors and shapes. There are white Roses, pink Roses, different shades of red Roses and hues and shades including brown, black and even lilac.  With creativity and style, the Rose wedding flower theme can be the epitome of elegance and romance; truly inspirational.

Inspirational wedding flower themes are so many that it is practically impossible to exhaust them. There are inspirational themes that flow around the seasons such as spring wedding flower themes. One truly inspirational theme is the winter wonderland theme while another is the fairy princess theme. Regardless of the theme you choose to grace your wedding, the important thing is that it is one which you and your spouse find inspiring. You can make your wedding day one that is filled with symbolism and inspiration by choosing the right flowers.

{GB-Guest Blogger} Author bio: Gina is a Floral Designer specializing in bespoke Wedding and Party Flowers in Hertfordshire, UK.  If you would like more wedding flower tips please visit April Showers,   Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

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