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For some brides-to be, weddings are all about flowers. There are the bouquets to consider, the centerpieces, and the decorations where flowers are used to produce that “wow” factor. While most future brides are only too happy to follow this trend, what do you do if you or your fiancé are allergic to flowers? What if you want to have a unique wedding that sets yours apart from all your friends’ weddings? Well, here are a few fun alternatives to flowers that still give off that “wow” factor, without the thorns.


When you think about your bridal bouquet and those of your bridesmaids, it’s hard to not think about flowers. However, finding a substitute is made much easier when you have a theme or color scheme to work with. If you’re having a vintage wedding, you and your bridal party can carry in lace fans or parasols. For a beach wedding, a bouquet of seashells blends in perfectly. Another outdoor wedding idea is to carry whicker baskets with ribbon matching your color scheme. If you don’t have a theme in mind yet, a great last-minute theme is to have a masquerade wedding and have all your bridesmaids carry masks with the wand attached so they can hold them to their faces while they walk down the isle. As the bride, you can wear a regular mask in place of a veil and when you’re being revealed, your bridesmaids can lower their masks as well. Have the boys join in with this one.

If you want a more traditional look, you can always get silk flowers. These are great if you want the same look without worrying about your bouquets wilting. You can also try your hand at making paper flowers. Feathers are another great substitute that give off the same feel and can match any color scheme. Peacock feathers and ostrich feathers have been used often because of their color and size. A great winter wedding solution is to use muffs with ribbon to give your bridesmaids something to hold, and keep their hands warm.

For an evening wedding, replace bouquets with lanterns or candles. If you’re worried about someone’s dress catching on fire, you can purchase battery-powered candles that flicker to create a realistic glow. This would probably be ideal for any flower girls in your party. If none of these options appeal to you, take a trip to your local craft store and look around. You can get the materials for your bouquet and assemble them with your bridal party. Make an event out of it! Just about anything can be used such as buttons, ribbons, tulle, or whatever else you’d like to incorporate.


Finding an alternative to flowers for your centerpieces is a bit easier. You’ll want something to go along with your theme and color scheme, just like your bouquets. To continue with the beach wedding theme, create an assortment of seashells or get a large conch shell for each table. Decorative watering cans can also be used as centerpieces for outdoor or spring weddings. You can even include the table number on the can. Lanterns, candles, or bowls of water with floating candles can also be used. For a winter wedding, ornaments, holly, and berries can be combined to create a unique work of art.

Your centerpieces can also have another function. Give your guests something pretty and appetizing with an edible centerpiece. They can be made of candy or fruit and be molded or cut into flower shapes to maintain that formal look. This also eliminates the problem of what to do with them after the reception.


Besides the bouquets and centerpieces, maybe you want to add a bit of atmosphere to your wedding. How do you do that without flowers? The best way is to substitute flowers for light. White twinkle lights combined with tulle draped down the sides of the isle or around your reception hall will make any room magical. Have the main lights dimmed slightly to really get the right effect. You can turn the lights up for pictures if need be.

You an also decorate your reception area with pictures of you and your future husband through the years. Scatter them around or create a time line of when you were both growing up, when you met, and the months leading up to your wedding day. If you have children attending your wedding, you can create a fun activity and have them draw pictures of what they think your future together would look like and add them to the photographs.

Anyone can use flowers in their wedding, but if you want a unique wedding that stands out from the rest, try these alternatives or see what you can come up with on your own. If making the bouquets, centerpieces, and decorations will cause you stress, have friends pitch in or hire someone else to make them. You don’t want to get frustrated because you can’t get your arrangements the way you want them. Remember, flowers aren’t necessary in weddings, but people who love each other are. Enjoy your day and have fun with it.


{GB-Guest Blogger} Olivia Nicholas is a seasoned wedding planner with over 10 years in the wedding business.  She has a passion for all things related to the celebration of marriage; from engagements to weddings to the honeymoon.  This passion also motivates her to work in her spare time as a freelance writer and author for MyWedding Austin.

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