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{GB} Atypical Wedding Gifts: What Do You Do?


There’s nothing quite so awkward as trying to buy a gift for someone when you don’t know what their style is. You want your gift to go to good use, especially when it comes to buying a wedding present. Given the deluge of appliances a newly-married couple are bound to receive in multiples, consider gifting something atypical. While you know to avoid kitschy items like dancing statues or wall-mounted talking fish, here are some things to keep in mind when wrapping up your atypical gift.

1. Practical can be good

The happy couple might seem a bit bewildered at a gift like power tools, but the present can really come in handy, especially for newlyweds who are preparing to move into a new home. A gift that will come in handy when a minor repair is necessary will be appreciated, especially if it means the post-wedding, cash-strapped couple doesn’t have to enlist the help of a repair person.

2. Know your couple

A wine fridge or set of coasters made from wine corks can make great gifts, but if the couple in question doesn’t drink, the gift is likely to be returned, sold online, or regifted. If you’ve never seen the couple drink anything stronger than soda, you might want to steer clear of the oenophile aisle at your local store. Keep the couple’s hobbies in mind. Homebodies are unlikely to use a gift certificate for a zip-line experience, just as risk takers might yawn inwardly when presented with a Netflix subscription.

3. Regift with care

Regifting is something many of us have done, generally with pleasant results. Doing so offers the chance to pass on something you’re simply not going to use to someone who will. Regift with caution, however. If that silver photo frame you don’t want is engraved with the year of your wedding – and your ceremony wasn’t recent – you shouldn’t pass it on. Be sure to check the packaging for gift tags, cards, or anything else that will give away your gift as not exactly new.

4. Don’t overwhelm

A scented candle, bowl of potpourri, perfumed bath set, or different cologne for each month of the year might sound like a great gift to you, but the recipients might not be so pleased to receive such an odiferous present. What smells good to you won’t necessarily be pleasing to the new couple, who might be allergic, be made sick by strong scents, or simply not like the smell. Scent memory is extremely powerful. Make your gift one the couple will be happy to receive and remember.

Gift giving shouldn’t be an arduous task, but still can be. Know a little about the couple in question and gift accordingly. A simple note with your gift can eliminate confusion, such as a brief explanation about how the power tools you’re gifting really came in handy when you were a new homeowner. The last thing you want to see is your gift for sale online or on display at the local Goodwill.

{GB – Guest Blogger} Maire blogs on the behalf of Sears and other quality products. She also enjoys oil painting and walking her Scottish Terrier.

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