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{GB} Bachelorettes On A Budget

Planning your girlfriend’s bachelorette party can be a lot of fun, especially if you are attempting to plan the party on a budget.

Now I know that probably sounds a little wacky, I mean, how can planning a party on a budget be more fun then planning one without a budget? But the beauty of budgets is they force you to get creative with your festivities, and plan a night in for your girlfriend that she will never forget.

I know, it sounds craaazaaay but staying in and hosting the bride-to-be’s big night can be just as wild, while simultaneously allowing you to avoid sleazy guys at sleazy dance clubs, and ultimately help all the ladies save some of their hard earned dolla dolla billz.

All it takes is a little creativity, and someone willing to offer up their pad for the night.

Wine Me and Dine Me

Us ladies love dinner parties, am I right? So why not host a fancy-pants dinner party for your bride-to-be, potluck styles!

Ask all the ladies attending the big night to bring one of their favorite dishes, with a gourmet flair, and enough to go around. This allows your guests to contribute to the foodie fun while using ingredients they may have at home or can buy on the cheap, as long as it doesn’t look cheap.

Just make sure to coordinate dishes before the big day so you don’t end up with too many pasta salads that no one wants to eat.

Or if you are a bit more of a micro-manager, try suggesting dishes for your guests to bring, that way you can stick to a theme – hello tapas night!

Regardless of what type of cuisine you choose, I’m a firm believer that mini versions of your favorite foods are always a big hit with the ladies. Us girls love small dishes that we can pick and choose from, and ultimately it takes the pressure off the gal making the dish to not have to show up with plates and plates of food.

Of course, no party is a party without some beverages of the alcoholic variety.

Again, when planning this night you should coordinate with your guests what bottle each girl is bringing. That way you avoid getting stuck with 3 bottles of peach schnapps. Assign different liquors to each lady which you can then use to play bartender and mix up a variety of cocktails, keep the party going, and the inhibitions low.

Speaking of inhibitions….

Good Girls, Naughty Games

A bachelorette party at home is the perfect place to bust out the R rated games. Since you are in the comfort of your (or someone else’s) home, you can plan ahead and cue up some naughty games that will be sure to add some sass to any night.

To kick off the fun why not start with something a little bit more tame to get everyone in the mood. And by tame, of course I mean drinking games!

Simply set up a table full of different sassy shots, each in their own row, that each girl has to work her way through if she gets the answer wrong. Think shots such as:

  • Blow Job – made with baileys, kaluha, topped with whipped cream, and taken with your hands behind your back
  • Comfortable Screw – made with orange juice and southern comfort
  • Slippery Nipple – made with baileys and sambuca
  • Screaming Orgasm – made with vodka, baileys, and peppermint schnapps
  • A Piece Of Ass – made with amaretto and lime juice

Now that we have the shots situation sorted, let the games begin.

Start things off with the ever-so-popular ‘I Never’. The game where you have a sheet of slightly embarrassing, and totally random, declarations to which guests have to drink if they have done the task you are reading out. For example, ‘I never faked an orgasm’ or ‘I never lied about my age to pick up a guy’ or ‘I never lied about how many guys I’ve slept with’.

Not only will the ladies start to blush, but it also makes for a great icebreaker, and a good way for all the girls to get to know each other that much more.

However, if you want to up the ante even more consider setting up a good ol’ game of sex position charades. Each team of two girls have to reenact slightly humiliating sex positions and if the other ladies don’t guess it in time, they drink. If they do guess it, the actors have to drink.

No matter which games you decide on, your guests, and most importantly the bride, will be sure to have some raucously naughty fun.

Now just imagine you got it all on camera. Oh wait…

Props And Poses

Question: how awesome are photo booths? Answer: pretty freakin’ awesome.

Yet another wicked benefit about hosting a budget bachelorette at home is you are free and clear to get up to all the trouble you want.

With that in mind, why not set up an area in your place that can be used as a photo booth? All of us ladies looooove to pose for pictures, especially when we’re tipsy so why not grab a tripod, set your camera to self-timer, get some racy props, and snap away.

Not only will your bride-to-be have some amazing and fuzzy memories of her with all of her besties, but you can create an album for her post-party that will keep her laughing for months.

You see, the beauty of budget bachelorettes at home is you can do pretty much anything you could have done if you had gone out for a night on the town, only cheaper. And really, who doesn’t love saving some cash money?

{GB – Guest Blogger} Authors Bio: Jill is the chief bridal bloggin’ babe for A Bride’s Wedding Guide where she blogs and vlogs about all things wedding, including where to buy wedding favors online . The best part about it? She gets to indulge her girly side each and every day!

Photography: Sarah Yates

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