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{GB} Catering: Behind the Scenes

The catering industry is a multibillion-dollar-a-year industry, involving tens of thousands of professionals and their staffs, serving millions of people a year. While most people see catering as a simple means of providing food and service for their wedding, there is actually a lot that goes into properly catering a wedding reception.

A successful catering company may make things look easy, but in reality they have spent years cultivating their business savvy skills, culinary expertise, and event planning wisdom to make them flawless and prepared.

Catering Company, aka Moving Company

Catering companies are somewhat like moving companies, but with perishable items. Instead of simply moving items from point A to B, catering companies must also maintain the foods temperature and keep it from falling apart. There are also a lot of equipment and last minute ingredients that must be moved as well, so being an expert mover is now a required talent to have.

A Juggler of Tasks

Multitasking is another skill that catering companies must master. No longer is being a fantastic cook and having a knack for entertaining the only skills necessary to be a top-notch caterer. Now, on top of being a good chef and entertainer, a caterer has to be

  • Skilled planner
  • Clever salesperson and marketer
  • Practiced business person
  • And they must have superior customer service to keep their business afloat

The catering industry is a severely competitive market so having a good reputation is extremely important in the catering business. A good reputation, however, can’t be achieved without hard work and dedication to client satisfaction. Caterers must hone in on the mental demands of planning and executing while surpassing their competitors in moving, serving, setting up, cleaning, and most importantly quality of food.

{GB – Guest Blogger} This article was written exclusively for Becoming The Mrs. by LowCountry Barbecue, proud to be a leading Atlanta wedding caterer, serving happy couples on their big day for more 25 years. LowCountry specializes in events, big or small, across the country; no location is too far and no party is too much.

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  • Thanks for showcasing the amount of work involved behind the scenes.

    Interesting to compare catering services to a moving company. Makes complete sense once somebody points it out to you

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