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{GB} Choosing The Right Dress For Your Summer Wedding

Even when they are still young, girls often dream of their wedding dress. Before they know who they are going to marry, ladies continue to fantasize over the subject and pore over bridal magazines because this is a fundamental part of their big day. If the dress they dreamed of is a heavy, layered, frilly number, it might not be suitable for wearing in a hot location.

Many nuptial parties take their event to a tropical beach, abandoning the traditional church wedding. Brides who already live in hot climates will already be aware that wearing any heavy material such as velvet is simply impractical. A bride spends a lot of time standing as it is, without adding to the possibility that she becomes so hot that she faints.

The ideal fabrics will breathe, so simple cotton or silk works beautifully. Open backs provide a chance to cool down, but with many women’s need to wear a bra, simply lowering the neckline on a halter neck design is very feminine. Wear short sleeves which sit on or off of the shoulders, or even a strapless gown. It does not have to drop all the way to the ground. In fact, if you are at a beach, shorter may well be better.

Then again, as traditions and styles change, a wedding dress could be almost the same as a simple party dress. Select or order a white, shiny version of something you might have thought to wear to an elegant summer party. To make it special, add embellishments such as rhinestones, pearls or sequins. If you are wearing shoes at all, choose strap-backed items that look like fancy sandals. Add a small bouquet of summery flowers and a short veil. If the bride gets chilly, she can throw a light white shawl around her shoulders. The entire effect will still be stunning, but practical for hot weather.

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