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{GB} Helping Him Pick Out Groomsmen Gifts

My fiancé and I are ahead of the game right now in terms of the wedding preparations. We have already picked out the diamond rings for each other and we have the ceremony location picked out. One area we, or should I say, he is struggling with is picking out his groomsmen’s gifts. But like the great partner that I am, I have come up with a few gift ideas to help him.

Stay Sharp

My fiancé and his friends enjoy the outdoors. I went on a fishing/hunting weekend with them one time where we all slept in tents and lived off of the land with no electricity. Not one of my favorite memories, but they all enjoyed it so I thought it would be a good idea to get them pocket knives with lights attached. I remember them cutting up fish that they had caught and having to balance a flashlight while working on that or cutting hooks out of fish. It would make life easier if they had the knife and light attached.


There will be a lot of toasts at the wedding and most of the events we host as a married couple following the wedding. It would be pretty neat give the group glasses with their nicknames etched on them or funny pictures so the memories of funny events will always be remembered.

Durable and Warm

What is better for a group of guys that love the outdoors than a stainless steel thermos? A stainless steel thermos can keep soup, tea or coffee hot for up to eight hours. It is definitely handy when you know you will be out doors in the cold working throughout the day. On the flipside, it can also keep beverages cold for that same time. On those hot summer days it’s great to have a cold drink on hand.

These are just a couple of the ideas I ran past my fiancé and I think he liked each one. If you have some good ideas for great groomsmen gift ideas feel free to share them

{GB=Guest Blogger} Nan Gibbons is a guest writer who regularly blogs at Eat Breathe Blog.

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