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{GB} Honeymoon Destinations You Should Know About


Wedding planning is fun, but let’s be honest, how much more fun is honeymoon planning? I mean, there are less details to worry about, less people to worry about, and ultimately you are planning one of the greatest trips of your life with your hot new husband!

So why choose an over-crowded caribbean island? Now don’t get me wrong, the caribbean islands are absolutely beautiful, but if you already have the time off and the budget set aside, why not plan a honeymoon to a spot you may have never considered as a honeymoon destination?

In the last few years I have been fortunate enough to travel to some pretty awe inspiring locations with my fiance that I think would make for some seriously sexy honeymoons, without draining your bank account.

With that being said, these three destinations are for the couple who want to shake things up and kick off married life with a bang. So get ready to copy and paste because these countries will have you googling up a storm in no time.

Thai’ing The Knot

Koh Tao, Thailand is a tiny slice of paradise close to the Gulf of Thailand, is only 21km in size, is wonderfully inexpensive, and is possibly the most beautiful island I have ever visited.

From the clear turquoise waters to the laid back beach vibe, the inexpensive luxuries to the friendly people who frequent the island, Koh Tao has everything you could ever want to kick back and relax or throw caution to the wind and get adventurous with your hubby.

Some of the most popular adventures offered on Koh Tao include scuba diving, boat cruising, zip lining, rock climbing, hiking, dining, drinking, and some of the best snorkelling I have ever done.

If however you are looking for a more relaxed honeymoon you can indulge in a lavish massage, for about $15/hour, sample some of the gourmet restaurants, or sip cocktails at one of the many beach front bars that feature fire twirlers who will captivate you with their serious skills.

And did I mention it’s unbelievably affordable? Well let me repeat that again for all you brides who, like me, prefer to stick to a budget. Koh Tao is not only a stunningly beautiful island but it is also the cheapest tropical paradise I have ever been to.

We rented a 2 bedroom suite at a local resort with a beautiful ocean view overlooking the neighbouring island and only spent $100 a night, including a full breakfast every morning.

Meaning not only do you get to honeymoon like celebrities, but you get to do it at a fraction of the cost, surrounded by perfect beauty, amazing sunsets, and 2 for 1 happy hour drinks. Now THAT is how you honeymoon.

God’s Country

Josh, my fiance, and I lived in New Zealand for 6 months yet I never understood why it was called God’s Country. Until we stepped off the plane in Queenstown.

From the moment we landed in the South Island of New Zealand we were surrounded by glacier lakes that were so blue you have to see them to believe them, soaring mountains, waterfalls, mountaintop glaciers, and of course, sheep.

And while the South Island is stunningly beautiful, it is the locals, the wine regions and the sheer amount of activities, both adventure and relaxed, that makes this tiny spot at the bottom of the world one of the most entertaining places I have traveled to. Heck, I even bungy jumped while I was there!

But there is not just bungy jumping and wine drinking. Oh no. There is also skydiving, helicopter riding, skiing, snowboarding, rafting, hiking, jet boating, kayaking, fishing, parasailing, boat cruising, glacier climbing, biking, horseback riding, hot pooling, 4-wheeling, and Lord Of The Rings sight-seeing. All on one tiny little island.

The South Island is essentially a giant adult sized playground, and one that will help you kick off married life in true style.

You, Him, And Yangshuo

I had always been a little cautious of traveling China, not for any specific reason, it just really wasn’t on my travel radar. However, when I first met Josh he was living in China and had been for 8 months.

Ever since he left he has raved about it and begged to go back, so I finally gave in. Well girlfriend, am I ever glad I did!

While we did the typical touristy adventures in China such as The Great Wall, The Forbidden City, The Summer Palace, and Shanghai, it was a little town surrounded by mountains in central China that stole my heart.

Yangshuo, or more specifically, Guilin which is the city you fly into is a 3 hour flight from Beijing and less than a 2 hour flight from Shanghai. We flew roundtrip into Guilin for $300 and took an hour taxi ride from Guilin to Yangshuo for around $50. There are cheaper options such as a bus, but we just wanted to get to Yangshuo so we opted for a taxi.

But I digress.

As we drove into Yangshuo my heart skipped a beat. This little town is surrounded by hundreds upon hundreds of mountains that date back 200 million years, is beautifully lush, full of life, and best of all, dirt cheap.

While it may not sound like a typical honeymoon destination, Yangshuo is a destination for the adventurous couple and the best sights are often found outside of the town.

From bike riding and sight-seeing to bamboo raft cruising and hiking, shopping and dining to relaxing and indulging in the various massages, Yangshuo offers a more raw experience for couples who like to take themselves out of their comfort zone.

Although the language barrier might be a deterrent for some people, it is easily overcome with any translation app you can get on your smartphone. We personally like Memeo, which has been a saviour on many occasions.

But don’t let the language barrier or cultural differences dissuade you, Yangshuo is a destination where your best tool is an open mind and a keen sense of adventure.

All in all, your honeymoon is supposed to be one of the greatest trips of your lives so why not throw caution to the wind? After all, life begins at the end of your comfort zone.


{GB – Guest Blogger} Jill is the chief bridal bloggin’ babe for A Bride’s Wedding Guide where she blogs and vlogs about all things wedding including, summer themed wedding invitations . The best part about her job? She gets to indulge her girly side each and every day!

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