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{GB} Its’ All About The Music

Just like any movie, the music that surrounds your big day can make or break the experience. Do you go traditional? Do you go sentimental? Funky? Your choice of music will bring your entire wedding together. How do you organize and find what you want?? Do you let the DJ you hired, do his thing or are you a control freak like me who looks forward to planning out every song for the entire day from the beginning notes of your ceremony to the last dance of the evening?

Here are a couple of applications to make this a fun way to make your event musically perfect. Consider yourself warned that you will do absolutely nothing for hours the first time you dive in to these ways to make your playlists.

Rhapsody and Spotify

I have been a big fan of Rhapsody but I must focus on Spotify, the newest most popular kid on the music playlist block. Both are these amazing musical pieces of heaven that you can play any piece of music you could ever think of …ever!!! Do you also know how little work I have done this last week as I have made playlist for every genre you could ever think of? For a measly $10 a month for the premium membership (there is a free option on Spotify, you just cant play it anywhere but your computer) you can make your own play lists for every aspect of your bridal shower and your wedding. You can then buy the whole playlists with a couple of clicks, and sync them straight to your iPod, iPhone or Android device. You have to be invited to get Spotify for now, but keep your eyes on Facebook as brands like Coke have been partnering with Spotify to give out free invites.

This is a good way to keep yourself organized to manage how your wedding playlist will pan out. Start by typing Wedding Songs or Love Songs in the search bar to get your ideas flowing. Are you particularly fond of a certain song? If you type it in, you may find another artist that has recorded it that may suit you and your beloved a little better. I can say the same for a song that you love may have a live or an extended version that would be a better match!

Shall I keep going? Is your head spinning at the possibilities? Ready for some more suggestions? Big Fan of the Romance of Other Countries? Try Searching for Italian or French Love Songs…the most romantic movie scene you can remember? Google the song in the background and make that as part of your processional! Want to make your husband really happy? Surely you can find some song that his favorite band sings that would make the cut as an addition to your wedding soundtrack.

When you come up with a good compilation to hand off to your DJ (who may kiss you or kill you for your obsessiveness-not quite sure), you can take it one more step further: In Spotify you can make an Official Wedding Playlist that you can share on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. Nice little share for your friends and family that shared your day with you. Enjoy!

{GB – Guest Blogger} Darlynn Nangano is the owner of Little Blog Dress, a social media marketing company based in Daytona Beach, FL. She also writes social media for women on her blog The Little Blog Dress. Follow her on Twitter or Facebook for social media tips, advice and application that you can understand and use.

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