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{GB} Making Your Wedding Unique

Not to say weddings aren’t a good time, but after going to a few, the white dresses, reception, first dance and flower girl all start to blur together. Of course your wedding will be memorable to you and your husband, (the only real people that matter), but there are still ways to make sure your wedding isn’t the same old process for your guests. It’s your time to have fun and celebrate your love and commitment to each other so why not be different?

Brand your wedding: Your wedding should have a theme and everything from graphic design, invitations, logos, place settings and wedding gifts should all be related to each other. If you are engineers, maybe incorporate hardhats into your graphic design. If you met at a ski resort, maybe send out gloves and chap stick with your wedding invitation and use a snowflake in your graphic design. The theme of your wedding should be original and show who you are as a couple. Once you have your theme picked out everything else will fall into place.

Wedding colors: Pick wedding colors that speak to you. They could be the color of the college you graduated from or green because you like the environment. Use the colors for the website, graphic design, napkins, wedding party etc.

Wedding Favors: You can personalize wedding favors, like mugs, shot glasses, candles or candy easily at an online wedding store. You could also make your special cookies or pick up chocolates from your hometown bakery. You could give something like flower seeds away so your guests will remember your wedding when the flowers bloom.

Wedding Tee Shirts: Personalize and give wedding t shirts for the wedding party. You can personalize the shirt by putting a photo of where you got engaged, your hometown or baby photos of the person wearing the shirt.

Wedding Edit: In addition to a photographer, hire a company to film your wedding and make a short movie that is edited to your wedding song. You’ll be able to re-live your wedding night and share it with friends and family that might not have been able to make it.

Guest Book: Think outside of the box with your guestbook. If you met at a coffee shop, have the guests sign a few coffee mugs or if your first date was on a hike, maybe have guests etch their name into a park bench you could put in your backyard. If you are big into skateboarding, use old decks as a guest book.

Transportation: Why not make your grand entrance on a horse drawn carriage, mountain bikes or a scooter? Limos are nice but your grand entrance is a way to really set your wedding apart and say something about who you are as a couple.

Food: You can revolve your menu around ethnic food from a vacation you went on, or from your ethnic background. Maybe you really like fondue or sushi, that’s fine too.

The options for creating a unique wedding are endless. The most important things to remember is to try and make your wedding as cohesive as possible and no matter what make sure everything you do is special to you.

{GB – Guest Blogger} Author Bio: Tim Stout has many years experience in the wedding industry. He works for Advantage Bridal who is a leading online retailer of all the wedding accessories – bridal shoes, cake toppers, bridal bikinis and garters etc. – brides may need for their special day. Tim loves blogging about weddings and seeing happy and stress-free brides.

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