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{GB} New Trend for Wedding Dresses – Color!

When I was growing up, I dreamt of the perfect wedding dress for my wedding day. It’d be very Cinderella princess-y, with big puffy sleeves, a straight neckline, and my glass slippers. Of course, my dress would be white.

My actual wedding dress (for my first wedding anyway), was just that, minus the puffy sleeves. I had spaghetti straps on my dress, a rather daring move for that generation.

These days, I’ve been attending a lot of weddings and I’ve slowly noticed a lot of color slowly sneaking into wedding dresses. At first it was just the sash that was colored. Then it was either the top or bottom half that was colored…nothing too dramatic, just a light hue of pink or cream.

The last three weddings I attended were extremely colorful. The first bride wore a dress in shades of blue and she was stunning! The second bride’s wedding dress was red with undertones of white. Not my favorite, as it reminded me of a Valentine’s dance, but two thumbs up to her for being so different.

The third bride wore a black lacy above-the-knee dress. At first I felt I was in a funeral, especially because all her bridesmaids wore black as well. So I came up three tips for brides who wish to wear colorful wedding dresses. Keeping in mind, my second wedding dress was champagne. Since it was my second time down the aisle and I didn’t feel entirely ‘virginal’ to don the white dress again.

1. Choose the color wisely!

This is important for your dress, so that you don’t look washed out. Just because your favorite color is lime green, doesn’t mean it’ll actually look good on. This is especially important, depending on what material you are choosing for your dress. A prime example would be to avoid a black lacy column dress, such as the example above as many of her guests (silently) thought they were at a funeral for a minute.


2. Colorful Touches

If you’re not ready to take the full plunge and wear a colorful dress down the aisle, try getting some colored embroidery onto your wedding gown. A bride of Asian descent may want to get red embroidered up the bodice, as red symbolizes luck in China and other countries in the region.

3. Off-white

If this is still too daunting for you, a trend that has been popular as of late is choose colors that are just slightly off from white: eggshell, ivory, antique white and champagne to name a few.

At the end of the day, adding color can definitely benefit the bride in many ways. Firstly there’s the idea of being able to find a color that best compliments your skin tone and hair color…white is not the best color for every bride and they may look washed out. Then there’s all the different combination of coordination possibilities one can have when wearing a dress that’s not white. And if that wasn’t enough, there’s always knowing that at the very least, this season you’ll be the most talked, as the bride with the colorful wedding dress.

{GB – Guest Blogger} Molly Warner is a writer for, a well known retailer of high quality online wedding dresses. She’s been planning her own wedding since she was a seven-year old flower girl and has written for various publications before deciding that her passion is in the bridal industry, especially wedding dresses.

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  • I am so happy to read this. It is pretty worth enough for me. And the wedding dresses on your two pictures are very elegant and fashion.Appreciate your sharing this greatest doc

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