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{GB} Planning a Budget Wedding

Planning a wedding is usually a very stressful time and mostly because of the tight budget. There are certainly a lot of brides and grooms to be looking at budget wedding ceremonies. This is exactly what this article covers.

Things You Don’t Need

Believe it or not, this is just as important as what you want on your big day. So, make sure you make a list of the things that aren’t needed. Your bridesmaids don’t need Vera Wang dresses. Expensive bouquets made from exotic flowers can be replaced with less expensive bouquets, made from flowers picked from your garden. Once again, make sure never to let the money get in the way for this. Only write down what you actually don’t need. The last thing you want to do is regret the decision when it’s too late.

If you find something expensive that’s on your essential list, you’ll have to make the decision between the two of you. So, make sure you talk about the ideas that you have for your wedding ceremony and reception. With your lists, you can start to think about breaking down your budget.

The Price of the Venue

Let’s face it – the venue is the most important factor of the wedding. It’s not surprising at all that a large amount of the wedding budget needs to be spent on the venue. Half of the wedding budget should cover the cost of the venue. It goes without saying – this doesn’t mean that you have to book out a whole restaurant or a resort.

Bon Appetit!

As you already know, the food is a must at receptions, but the truth is you can limit the amount of money you spend on food. An afternoon reception is a great idea because you only have to feed your guests once during the day. Catering yourself will help to cut down on the amount spend too, especially if you decide to make everything yourself.

{Guest Blogger} About the author: Natasha is the author of the wedding blog Sour Cherry. In her popular article called the “Winter Wedding Heels That Make You Feel Like a Snow Queen Bride” she reviews very best bridal shoes for winter brides.

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