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{GB} The Importance of a Good Set of Cufflinks on Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is (supposed to be) the one day in your lifetime that is so carefully planned that everything should be perfect. I recently attended a friend’s wedding and noticed the detail to which the Groom all the way down to the Page Boys had matching wedding cufflinks . The reason I highlight cufflinks is that most other things are thought of and planned such as what everyone is wearing, colour schemes, flowers etc. The more the wedding went on, the more attention I gave to the careful planning that had been put in.

Things to think about when it comes to choosing cufflinks are the colour schemes and style of the wedding and ensure that you remember everyone that will be there and choose a style that suits everyone. There are an endless variety of cufflinks available from ones that state the person’s role at the wedding, personally engraved cufflinks and even comical wedding cufflinks on them to mark the special occasion.

So if you have your wedding to plan, consider equipping the members of your family and the relative important people with carefully chosen cufflinks. This will be a finer detail that most will overlook but adds style and class to your perfect day.

{GB – Guest Blogger} Author Bio: Written by Ricky May, on behalf of Cool Cufflinks, specialising in: designer cufflinks , silver, wedding, engraved and novelty cufflinks.

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