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{GB} The Perfect Way To Make A Traditional Monetary Wedding Gift Unique

Two ideas that I have seen lately that I think are really cute are types of silver engravables. A relatively inexpensive solution to the problem. What I like about engravable items is that, long after the gift is gone (read-spent), the memorabilia still exists. Practically no bride or groom is going to look at the item your cash donation went towards and say “You know Uncle Leonard is great, that money he gave us really helped towards the new dirt devil”. It is just not going to happen.

The first idea I had was this keepsake beaded Silver jewelry box. A stunning silver-plated keepsake box that opens to reveal a mirror, draped velvet lining and two individual compartments. It also features 2 padded rolls for holding the happy couples new wedding bands (if for some reason they need to take them off) and other jewelry. At just over $30.00, how can you go wrong? Engraved with the couples names, wedding date and something like Germaine Greer’s famous quote “A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.” This memento of the newly married couples wedding day would be sure to conjure up memories every time they see this little keepsake.

This next idea is for your more wacky and crazy friends or family member. This is not, by any means, a sappy or mushy wedding memento, but when I saw it I thought, I know just the right couples that would love to find this crazy memento stuffed in with a monetary present. The silver yo-yo, I can say without a doubt tops my list for the most unique and off the wall gift you could give your young at heart, newly married couple. If you take a cute gift bag, some cash and this yo-yo, you can be sure that every time the happy couple sees the yo-yo they will crack a smile. Personally I would engrave it with something along the lines of their names, wedding date with a line that said “Though your marriage may have ups and downs, remember to always smile and stay young at heart”.

Wedding gifts do not have to be expensive or traditional, often times the most thoughtful and personalized gifts make the best ones! Hopefully this blog has given you some ideas of how you can take a traditional wedding gift like cash and make it personal and fun, Happy wedding season!

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