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{GB} The Wedding Etiquette And Protocol Guide

Let’s face it – we hear a plethora of guides and articles related to proper etiquette for guests and wedding parties. You know, ones such as abstaining from wearing extreme small clothing articles to a wedding to buying proper gifts. Or sending the RSVP card back on-time, for that matter. But what happens if you, the bride or groom face a protocol dilemma when planning your most important day? Although we can’t answer every single detailed dilemma, here are a couple :

1)    Your Guest Assumes a Plus One

Uh-oh. If there’s one thing that stresses a bride more than ever is definitely the final count of attendees. Unless you have an unrestricted budget, the quivering sight of having to pay more for extra guests send shivers down your spine because weddings are indeed expensive. Here’s the general rule of thumb- whose ever name is listed on the mail should be the only attendee. The general protocol for allowing a plus one would state “ Mr and Mrs Doe” or “Mr. Doe and Guest” on the mail. So if your guest automatically assumes a plus-one,  kindly explain to your guest the right protocol and that you have an extremely tight budget. A good friend will understand your circumstances, but if he or she makes a huge fuss out of it – we say, they ain’t much of a friend, are they?

2)    I Did Not Get My RSVP Cards Back

We understand your frustration. Since most venues or caterers require final payment a week before the event, it is definitely frustrating when you don’t receive all of your RSVPs. Although some may say it is a sign that they are not attending your wedding, we say – give them a call. There is nothing rude about calling because hey, you need the final count. It would be much more rude to assume that they are not coming and not order their portion – only to see their face at the wedding. Where’s the food?

3)    Your Wedding Party Expects You to Pay

For the most part, your bridesmaid and groomsmen should realize that it is an honor to be part of your wedding and that includes paying for their attire, etc. Unless you have made it clear from the start that you are paying, they should not assume that you will be paying their portion. But what happens if they expect you to pay? First of all, be upfront about your cost to them. If your friends are not millionaires, do not expect them to buy Armani suits or Marchesa gowns that would cost them a fortune. Just be reasonable. If not, it is only courtesy that you fork out the money.

Although there are more protocols, it certainly varies from culture and tradition. Ultimately, you want to approach any matter with courtesy and politeness. Shall an awkward moment arises, just brush it off and we promise, you’ll laugh over it after the wedding. So have fun planning and enjoy one of life happiest moment!

{GB – Guest Blogger} This article was written exclusively for Becoming the Mrs by Private Event Spaces, an event space management company with a variety of unique venues in the Greater Saint Louis area. Besides providing a venue, Private Event Spaces manages all event logistics from furniture rentals to bar management.

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