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{GB} Wedding Catering Myths

Catering is an integral part of your wedding and can make or break your celebration. With this pressure to create an affordable menu that everyone enjoys, it often leads brides into a tailspin of stress and frustration. What’s more, misconceptions and wedding catering myths can also increase the stress and frustration by adding an unexpected cost or feeling of being taking advantage of to the mix. Some of these misconceptions are passed down from generation to generation and some are merely results of miscommunication, but regardless they can put a huge damper on your wedding plans. The following are wedding catering myths that will help shed light on some common catering misconceptions so you can properly prepare for your wedding day.

  • Myth #1: Off-season or Friday weddings are cheaper. Regardless of the day of week you get married, the linens, labor, cutlery and food cost the same so most catering companies won’t offer that big of a discount. This is where searching around for the perfect catering company comes in handy, because you can ask questions and find the best deals. Hint: Some wedding venues offer amazing Friday and off-season deals and will include the catering- research, research, research!
  • Myth #2: A brunch menu is cheaper than a dinner menu. Brunch menus often include a chef working the entire time making crepes, waffles, omelets, etc. per request. You may think that this saves on food costs, but it actually increases the labor, equipment and linen costs. If it’s just on the cost of the food alone then brunch may be slightly cheaper, but add in all of the other costs and you may not be getting the deal you hoped for.
  • Myth #3: Buffet is cheaper than plated. For years, people have been trying to figure out which is more expensive- buffet or plated? Most people would immediately say buffet is cheaper, but that’s not exactly true. When you choose a buffet, you end up purchasing more food, extra linens, additional wait staff and more equipment to accommodate your guests. People tend to put more food on their plate compared to a pre-plated meal and go back for seconds and even thirds. A plated meal, however, has designated portions per plate so you can better control the food consumption.

Careful planning and asking a lot of questions will be extremely advantageous for a successful wedding catering experience. Catering is complicated and requires a lot of detail and precision in order to save you money and produce the results you desire, so making sure you have the correct information is vital. Don’t let your special day be ruined by a misconception, educate yourself so you won’t get blindsided by a sudden problem and so you can maintain control over the situation.

{GB – Guest Blogger} This article was written exclusively for Becoming The Mrs. by LowCountry Barbecue, proud to be a leading Atlanta wedding caterer, serving happy couples on their big day for more 25 years. LowCountry specializes in events, big or small, across the country; no location is too far and no party is too much.


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  • Great article. This is very helpful information. When you’re planning a wedding things can become so hectic and sometimes that makes it easy for you to be blindsided. Its really important to research all catering companies you are thinking about hiring.

  • Hi Amber, we thank you for your wonderful feedback and invite you to share any experiences you have by becoming a guest blogger with us.

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