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{GB} Wedding Planning and Organizing With Remember The Milk

One of the only things you know when you are planning a wedding when you begin is that you will need to stay organized.  It isn’t rocket science to understand the more organized you are the more efficient you will be. You can go the traditional route and grab one of those planners that are bulky, yet efficient or you can come along with the new age and connect yourself to Remember the Milk. Remember the Milk is an amazing organizational list tool that works with your email, Twitter, and more!

Remember the Milk (RTM) is probably one of the coolest list organizational tools out there. Hands Down. The thing that I like about it the most is its flexibility to use. No matter which way you respond to most (email, text, IM , twitter, web extensions etc.) Remember the Milk has you covered. I have gone and tried other systems but I have always come back to RTM wondering why I strayed in the first place.

Planning a wedding using RTM is pretty easy. You would begin by setting up different aspects of your wedding in their own lists-music, flowers, reception, menu, etc. Once that set up you start filling in your tasks in this category. You can set a date that it needs to be due, a color for priority and a sub category to break it down into Smart Lists for you to understand. If you set a due date, that will be in your today box the day that it is due and you have the opportunity for the schedule to be mailed to you via email, text or twitter at the time that you start.

Here is where the fun begins. You get your own personal email address that directly sends your email to Remember The milk Account. You could forward any wedding related emails all day long and when you got a chance you can plop them in their appropriate list. If there is an idea that you see while online that would be a great idea for your wedding, you can send the link only in an email and it will be there for you when you are ready.

Embarrassingly enough, I do have a Fake Wedding list that contains every cool wedding song, design idea, website, color scheme etc that I have ever seen. I have been building it for years and years. I know that is kind of ridiculous- but when the time comes, I will have some good ideas ready to go.  I also have a list that I keep for shopping websites I like, movies and books that I should see or read, bills that need to be paid with a due date and a recurrence so a couple of days before it is due it comes up in my agenda. That would be a good idea when dealing with your wedding budget. You can also make a list of calls to make, people to see and things to do daily. Pun intended, the lists could go on and on.

A good start to see how useful Remember the Milk is here, If you are the kind of person that likes to write everything down, this application is for you, Its Free, but they do have an PRO version. I am interested in what you think and what uses you could find for this system to make your wedding the most efficient so be sure to leave a comment below!

{GB – Guest Blogger} Darlynn Nangano is the owner of Little Blog Dress, a social media marketing company based in Daytona Beach, FL. She also writes social media for women on her blog The Little Blog Dress. Follow her on Twitter or Facebook for social media tips, advice and application that you can understand and use.

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