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Great DIY Ideas for Hands-On Brides

Not every bride wants to be totally hands-on with her wedding details, but for those of you who take the plunge, DIY-ing can be a great way to add in a handmade personal detail, bond with soon-to-be in-laws, family and bridesmaids and also save some serious moola. Here are two fun and easy projects that you can do yourself that won’t break the bank.

Candy Favor Centerpiece

A really cute idea that I’ve seen this year is to use candy buffets in place of desserts or even wedding cakes. Colorfully arranged candies add a sense of fun to a wedding, but they can also serve multiple purposes as decoration and guest favors. Instead of using traditional floral arrangements for centerpieces, use containers of candies to decorate the tables.  Use a variety of colors for a whimsical effect, or use a monochromatic palette for a sophisticated look. Keep it simple by using the same style of container on each table, but give your tables visual interest by using them in different heights.  Placing mini scoops into each container gives guests an easy way to make their favors. At each seat, place an empty favor container like cellophane bags or simple boxes with cute favor labels or tags attached. Your guests can create their own bright and fun favors! Something to watch out for: if you are having an outdoor wedding or are getting married in a hot or humid climate, avoid candies that are likely to melt easily, like chocolates.

Giant Confetti Toss

It is a long-standing tradition for guests to toss rice or birdseed on the happy couple as they leave to go on their honeymoon or wedding night celebration. In modern times, there are many variations on this tradition. If you prefer not to be pelted by hard seeds or grains of rice, no worries. Many brides use bubbles, confetti or release doves, balloons, or even butterflies.  If you’re having an evening wedding, another great idea is to use sparklers that guests simply wave in the air as you run to the car. Another super cute idea for this year is to make your own giant confetti. This project is pretty easy to do. All you need is colored vellum paper, simple vellum or glassine paper bags, labels, a paper cutter and a printer. You can get vellum paper, bags and circle or square cutters from craft stores or online. A great source for inexpensive paper is If you are so inclined or already have one, you could use a die-cutting machine to create more elaborate shapes. Cut 3” to 4” shapes out of colored vellum paper and drop about 10-20 into each bag. You can create a simple label design to place on the bags. Place them all on a table for guests to come up and grab, or place some on each table. Imagine being showered in beautiful color as your guests toss your giant confetti! Something new to do: you could also use the confetti to decorate tables or the aisle in place of flower petals.

Adding personal details to your wedding will make it an even more memorable day; remember to take time out to enjoy the fruits of your wedding planning labor and all the joys that come with marrying the love of your life.

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