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Have a Great Wedding by Saving Money in the Right Areas

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At an average cost of $29,000, weddings have a reputation for becoming overblown, over-budget, and stress packed affairs. One of the biggest issues on the bride and groom’s minds is keeping track of and managing the spiraling cost of the event. Fortunately, there are a number of simple ways to trim wedding expenses without missing out on a fantastic and memorable experience.

Play the Numbers

The biggest way to save in many areas of the wedding is to narrow down your guest list; with the average number of guests at a wedding reaching 157, now is the time to do so. Although you might want your entire extended family and all the friends you have made in your life to share this special moment with you, each person on the list means more money to be spent on invitations, food, drinks, flowers, and so on. You can also combine the shortlisted guests at larger tables to save on centerpieces and tablecloths. You might miss out on some wedding presents and leave some people feeling overlooked, but in the end it will be worth the savings.

Time it Well

Some of the biggest savings are to be found in the timing of the wedding, specifically scheduling it for off-peak seasons and days. As Saturday weddings are the most popular, be expected to pay double if not triple the cost of a weekday wedding if that’s when you schedule your wedding for. By shifting your special day to the middle of the week and by giving your guests plenty of notice, you can guarantee big savings and great attendance. You can even feed the savings back into your wedding in the form of entertainment or extended food options.

Control your Appetite

Planning a lavish eight course wedding feast may seem necessary during the planning phase of your wedding, but in the end, a simple three course menu of quality dishes will satiate you and your guests just as well. A buffet setup can be another good way to save on service costs, and allows guests to choose from a wider range of dishes. Similarly, tone down your wedding cake. A six tier wedding cake is outdated and a hassle to cut, let alone the stress of having it topple over at any time. Furthermore, setting a bar limit can be a good way to control expenditure and also keep the more rowdy guests from misbehaving and ruining your wedding.

Keep an Eye out for Sale Tax Savings

Firstly, do not forget to include sales tax in your initial budget, as the additional costs can quickly mount up. Donating to the church where you have your wedding can sometimes mean that you don’t need to pay for the ceremony fee to which tax would have been added. Likewise, renting rooms or halls in churches or temples can be written off as charitable donations.

Weddings should be a joyful, memorable time to celebrate with friends and family. Avoid your wedding being memorable for the wrong reasons by doing yourself a favor and budgeting carefully.

{GB – Guest Blogger} Wanda Exley is a freelance blogger who writes tips for planning an affordable wedding. For further savings, you can use this tax credit calculator 2013/14 to calculate which of your wedding expenses are tax deductible.

Photography: Cameron Nordholm

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  • Another part of the wedding that can easily become costly is the venue and decorations. The decorations are somewhat dependent on the venue. Beautiful venues, so as the beach, require less decorations and can be much less expensive. Similar to Monterey beach wedding venues. Definitely one way to save money.

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