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Hot or Cold? Choosing Your Catering Menu

The location is picked out and the entertainment is booked, but one feat still remains- choosing your catering menu. It’s no secret that brides and grooms will inevitably become stressed out and frustrated over some aspect of their wedding planning. That’s because planning such a big event is no easy task. When choosing the food, it’s important to consider some of the challenges that come with serving temperature specific foods. Whether you decide to serve hot or cold foods at your wedding, it’s important to realize the implications it could have for your wedding.

Cold Menu

A menu that boasts several cold items may present some challenges to your caterers and yourself. Unlike drinks that can be put in coolers or on ice, food requires plenty of space and energy to keep cold. While a cold dessert like ice cream or gelato may be a crowd pleaser, it would have to be scooped all at once so your guests get it at the same time and so it doesn’t melt. Not to mention, it would be time consuming since ice cream can’t be left out for guests to simply walk up and grab.

Hot Menu

The major problem with serving hot foods at your wedding is the time and space required to set it up and maintain the correct temps. You will likely need chafing dishes, lights and other food warmers in order to keep your food nice and hot for you and your guests. In general, a buffet is usually the best way to keep food warm rather than a sit down dinner. Hand delivering each warm plate to every guest may not be an easy task considering every plate must be taken out around the same time. If you have 50 or 100 people to serve, the plates may start to lose its temperature towards the end.

Catering Expertise

While hot and cold menus both pose some potential problems, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use them in your wedding. Catering companies have extensive experience working with all kinds of food items and are experts when it comes to preserving food temperatures. In order to make the event an even bigger success, it’s important to discuss with your catering company what they plan on doing to maintain the temperatures ahead of time. This will help create a stress-free wedding and ensure that all your guest enjoy the meal to its fullest.

This article was written exclusively for Becoming The Mrs. by LowCountry Barbecue, proud to be a leading Atlanta wedding caterer, serving happy couples on their big day for more 25 years. LowCountry specializes in events, big or small, across the country; no location is too far and no party is too much.

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