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How To Stay Fresh At Your Summer Wedding

Summer is the perfect season to arrange your wedding.  However, heat can cause problem and does not allow you do makeup as well as hair style in a well manner. Here, we have given you a few easy to follow ideas to stay fresh at summer wedding.

•  Dress in Cotton: You should dress in linen or cotton rather than wool. You can even wear a tea-length wedding dress rather than a full-length one. You must even inform your guests that the wedding will take place outdoors so that they know to dress suitably for the hot weather.

•  Wear Sunscreen: If you are standing out in the hot sun for some time then be sure to apply moisturizer, which has sunscreen in it. Be sure to cover your skin, which will be exposed to the sun.

•  Drink Plenty of Water: You should keep cool water bottles with you, particularly when you are taking pictures outside before and after your wedding event. Ensure to drink sufficient water during your wedding ceremony.

•  Make use of Cold Compresses: You must use cold compresses and make these available for the guests too. You can press cold compress to your neck when you feel overheated.

•  Select Waterproof Eyeliner and Mascara: You must select the good quality waterproof eyeliner and mascara. Waterproof products endure the heat and must not run if perspiration builds up near to your eyes.

•  Apply water-based foundation: You must apply water-based foundation with a lightweight powder and use sunscreen lotion. If you do not use sunscreen lotion, you can face the possibility of a sunburn.

•  Style your Hair in an Updo: You must wrap your hair in a beautiful updo for keeping your neck cool, permitting you for staying fresh at your summer wedding and avoid sweaty hair sticking to the back of neck.

By using above mentioned ideas, you can stay fresh at your summer wedding. You only need to follow above given ideas. There are many things, which play important role in the summer wedding planning like choosing the best summer wedding themes and menu. At the same time, you also need to go through a few useful tips to do the proper summer wedding planning to make the wedding memorable.

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