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Maldives: The New Honeymoon Hotspot

The Maldives are quickly gaining popularity among newly married couples. While places like Hawaii and the Bahamas have been the traditional honeymoon hotspots, they are quickly taking a backseat to this incredible island. If you are planning your first vacation as a married couple, the Maldives should be at the top of your destination list.

1. Honeymoon Accommodations

There is literally something for everyone in the Maldives. Though their are plenty of resorts to stay in, couples who are looking for a romantic honeymoon with little distraction should choose one of the many private, beach bungalows that are available. Imagine waking up in each others’ arms every morning to the sound of the gently rolling surf and a gentle island breeze blowing through the window. There may be no better way to start off your life as a couple.

2. Romantic Relaxation

If relaxation is on the top of your list, the Maldives offer virtually anything you desire. The spas on the island are one of the best places to find the relaxation that you are looking for. Why not book a romantic day for two in one of the spas, taking advantage of couples’ massages and treatments? Spend your first day as a married couple being pampered and catered to.

3. Experience the Culture

One of the best things about visiting a new region is the ability to experience a new culture. To get a feel for how people that inhabit the islands live, there are many excursions that couples can take. Take a romantic stroll hand-in-hand through the quaint fishing villages that line the gently rolling surf. Stop and chat with the locals and buy a souvenir from one of the many artisans in the villages.

4. Dine Quietly

A beautiful table for two set along the sea is the perfect way to dine while in Maldives. Imagine every meal being better than the last, with the gently rolling waves as your backdrop. Hold hands and gaze into each others’ eyes as you dine on some of the most decadent seafood in the world. Share your hopes and dreams for the future as you follow your meal with a leisurely walk along the shore.

5. Snorkel in the Crystal Waters

With clear, warm waters, the Maldives offer some of the best snorkeling and diving opportunities in the world. Strap on a mask or put on a tank, and head under the sea to witness some of the most beautiful sights that you will see in your lifetime. There are over a thousand species of underwater creatures that call these islands home: from stunning fish to amazing coral reefs. If you are an adventurous couple, discovering this underwater world together will give you something to look back on fondly for years to come.

When you research the Maldives, it’s easy to see why it is becoming the honeymoon destination of choice. There may be nowhere else on earth that offers such an array of activities that are perfect for a romantic vacation. Whether you want to spend your honeymoon relaxing, soaking up the culture, or crashing through the waves together, you can do it in the Maldive Islands.

{GB – Guest Blogger} Kara Goldman is a globe-trotting freelance blogger who writes about great honeymoon and vacation spots. If you are looking to spend your honeymoon in the Maldives, be sure to check the best time to visit when you book your tickets.

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