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Move Over Gold: Modern Wedding Band Styles

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The traditional gold wedding band has stepped aside to make room for rings that are defying tradition. Wedding band styles are not just moving from gold to alternative metals, but even rebelling against the very symbol depicting eternal devotion – the circle.

The New Gold

Alternative metals are catching the eye of the modern couple who are seeking beauty, durability and affordability. Alternative metals have been goaded on by the popularity of white metals that may have found their niche market as couples discovered that white gold adds to the clarity of diamonds.Olympus-Beveled-Edges-Tungsten Ring -

White gold has been chosen for its look of platinum which is actually far more precious than white gold. White gold depends on a blend of gold and other alloys for the “white” metal look. Platinum is expensive but is a “pure metal” which means it will not tarnish. Platinum combines, beauty, elegance and durability making it an excellent choice for your wedding bands.

Palladium hasn’t posed much competition for platinum as it is not very malleable. However the malleability of palladium has been improved using a special process and palladium is now an excellent alternative to platinum as it offers the beauty and durability without the price.

That brings us to Tungsten, the only precious metal that stays stunningly and permanently polished. You can have everything you want with Tungsten: beauty, durability, price and stunning high polish. This really makes Tungsten the perfect choice for wedding bands and engagement rings. Tungsten is also very heavy, which gives it some substance when worn on your finger. Many men are opting for black Tungsten wedding bands that add an alluring mystique not commonly seen in a wedding band.

You can even opt to combine two metals to symbolize the blending of your lives now united as one. This might work well if you are having trouble agreeing on a metal for your Tungsten wedding bands.

The Designs

The “shank” of the wedding band is also taking on an interesting metamorphosis, incorporating molded shapes and square designs. The shank is the outside shaping of the ring. While the inside of your ring remains circular, the outer shapes can go wild. Beveled edges and Euro designs are also taking the traditional wedding ring for a ride.

Inlays of various gold colors are also popular and opening up a creative world of infinite design details. Everything from snake skin to camouflage is being etched, inlaid or filigreed onto the modern wedding band. Filigree is an art used to add detail that twists, curls and bends precious metal wire into truly, unique design. It is now being use to offer truly one of a kind looks as well as offering texture and depth. Although a very traditional form of crafting jewelry it is making a huge impact on contemporary designs.

Diamonds can make a stunning addition to your wedding bands from single insets to dotted diamonds encircling the entire band. Diamonds set against a black Tungsten setting can be quite dramatic. Combinations of etched and polished bands are also common and combined metals add a touch of custom design to the modern wedding band.

Your wedding band can now be a true reflection of who you are. You can move far, far away from the common gold band and discover the beauty of white metals and the high natural polish of Tungsten in elegant white metal or daring, tradition-defying black. As the bride and groom you can choose to match your bands or you can define your independence with your own preferred tastes. Your choices are limited only by your daring.

{Guest Blogger} Author: Vincent is a freelance writer who keeps current on all wedding trends.

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