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Planning a Destination Wedding

After agreeing with your fiancé to plan a destination wedding, you may quickly realize that there’s a lot that goes into planning an event like this. A wedding in itself is quite the ordeal – and a destination wedding can introduce a few unwelcome twists into the planning process. But the end result will be well worth the effort if you plan well.

Planning a destination wedding shouldn’t be that difficult as long as you give yourself ample time to setup. By being aware of a few tricks and tips, you can make the destination wedding a success. Yes, even if you aren’t planning your own wedding, like me (I love my sister though so I agreed to help).

Know the Location

The most important part about the location of the destination wedding is choosing one. After all, you’ll have to consider the costs associated with the locale, along with appropriateness in terms of your guests (they might want to make it into their own vacation) and the wedding itself.

Once you’ve chosen the perfect location, consider using some quick tips to help you along the planning process:

  • Obtain the true cost of the wedding (add in a buffer zone), including costs for the guests.
  • Get pictures and media of the wedding site, reception and other specifics so you aren’t unpleasantly surprised. Plan a trip there before the wedding date if possible to make sure it’s exactly what you expect.
  • How exotic is the location? Is it easy to get to, and to turn into a vacation for your guests?
  • Natural disasters, changes in management, and language barriers can be items to overcome.
  • Look into marriage regulations, and make sure you can obtain a license easily.

Make sure you have realistic expectations as well. Once you pick the location for the destination wedding, it’s possible that there will be a few friends or family members who won’t be able to make the trip. It’s very important that you make note of these and other little things that can come into play.

From Insurance to Linens

Take a proactive approach to planning a destination wedding. In other words, take care of what you can control and have backup plans for everything, just in case. Even the best plans can have slip-ups, and destination wedding plans aren’t always airtight.

Temporary medical insurance could be an important addition to your plans, especially if you’re leaving the country. Along with wedding insurance, temporary medical insurance could safeguard everyone from possible emergencies. Traditional insurance may not cover items in exotic locations, and may not provide for top-notch care and financial protection.

What other tips can you take care of now? Consider these two insider tips for a destination wedding, which can help ensure you are getting what you want in the details:

  • Instead of getting items locally, consider shipping them to your destination. One insider argues that this gives more control. With regard to table linens, menu cards and welcome letters, it’s easy to see how this simple solution can make a difference.
  • Consider getting an expert. A local wedding consultant can provide valuable recommendations and help with some of the more difficult aspects, such as flowers and travel accommodations.

Making the Day a Success

Plan well in advance to give yourself adequate time for the destination wedding. From legal items to those last decorating touches, it’s best not to be in a rush. Give yourself the time and space to make certain decisions without immediate deadlines and other stressors that can come your way. Also, give your guests time to prepare financially to prepare for the trip as well.

Speaking of stressors, one of the best tips that you can expect is that things may not be perfect. Having a calm approach to certain items can allow the day to be a success, even if some details are off slightly.

With some of these tips in mind, you can certainly plan a destination wedding that will create lasting memories. A lovely destination wedding can be within your grasp.

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