Printable Pocket Wedding Invitation Kits Becoming a Craze

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Wedding invitations come in many styles. Traditionally, they are just a white envelope made of thick paper or cardboard containing the invitation itself along with response cards and other standard stuff. Things have gotten a lot more informal now and in keeping with times short and sweet. In fact the idea of invitation often involves just ordering some printable pocket wedding invitation kits.

These invitation kits have become so popular that they have become a specialized business for some people. Indeed, people today want everything small, what with so many things that they have to worry about. Pocket invitations, by nature, mean that they can be easily carried around without taking too much space. Also, smaller invitations have a kind of novelty factor that the traditional big invitations lack.

In the face of these new pocket invitations, the old style invitations with their big white cardboard envelopes seem nothing more than a burden. The smaller invitations are also attention magnets and once opened will almost compel people to respond to it. Also, they give your wedding preparations a cracking start by giving people a glimpse of what they should expect at your wedding.

The nature of printable pocket invitation kits is that they don’t have much space to write those lengthy poems, which most people never read. Instead of being a bane, you can think of it as actually helping you by needing you to print only what are necessary. You don’t need all that fluff that usually is printed the larger invitations, just so they don’t look empty. Save all those filler designs for the wedding venue.

Since there is only so much space on pocketfold wedding invitation to include information, you are forced to get creative. You write words that are to the point and have an impact on people who read the contents. Also, since you don’t write much about what is going to happen at the wedding, they only have an inkling of what is going to happen. It intrigues them and makes them want to attend your wedding even more.

That the wedding invitation kit is so small does not mean that you cannot put more things into it. In fact, printable pocketfold wedding invitation kits are the ones that are more popular than the other forms. Pocket fold invitations allow you to write more on the invitations than usually. You can make these small invitations open up beautifully when the guests want to read the contents of the invitations.

These printable pocket wedding invitation kits usually cost less than their larger counterparts because of their small size. However, the more premium and creative invitation kits can cost a lot more because so much work goes into their making. You can choose to buy whichever kits fit your budget.

If you want to add your own touch to the invitations by adding your own content, buy invitation kits in bulk and do your own design on them. Although this may be somewhat time-consuming it is a fair price to pay for something as important as your wedding.

Take home printable pocket wedding invitation kits so you can save money and DIY, but still have gorgeous wedding invitations.

Photography: LCI Paper


  1. Great article! We did get quite a few of these on our orders. Should we be predicting an increase over the coming years?

  2. The Mrs.

    I would think so – they are just so darn cute!

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