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Printable Wedding Cootie Catcher Favor

2 Sets of Questions - Wedding Cootie Catcher (PDF - PRINTABLE)

Give your guest something fun to do while they are seated at their tables with this wedding cootie catcher favor. 2 separate PDFs. Each cootie catcher includes room for 8 questions about you and your new hubby, while also having enough room in the center for a little extra info (menu, thank you, word search, etc…) Choose your own fonts, flourishes, colors and questions to create a completely personalized catcher! Get your Cootie Catcher by DarlingGirlPaper.

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  • you start with a square piece of paper and then you fold all the corners into the middle, then you flip it over and do the same thing. after that you just fold it in half and put your fingers through the bottom and move it around a bit to make it into the shape and there ya go a fortune teller

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