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Sensible Tips On How To Wear Earrings On Your Wedding Day

When it comes to jewelry, styles and designs abound.  Choosing from one type of jewelry to use as an accessory for your wedding can be tough.  You might have a wedding gown that has an elaborate bodice that you only want to wear earrings.  Apart from matching your wedding jewelry with your wedding gown, you also want to pick pieces out that match your personality.  This is what you need to look for when buying earrings that will look stunning on you on your big day.

Earring Shopping:  Using Your Face Shape as a Basis

The most popular choices of earrings for a wedding are stud earrings, square earrings and dangling earrings.  If you’re looking for earrings that will match your round face, your best choices will be with stud earrings or button earrings.  On the contrary, if you have a narrow face, you need earrings that will widen your face a little bit.  You can do this with dangling or chandelier earrings.  With regard to enhancing the look of a long face, square earrings are the best choice.

To Wear Earrings or Not to Wear Earrings

As keen as you are to wear the earrings that your mother wore at her wedding day, your wedding ensemble might not have a perfect fit for the earrings.

In case you have a wedding ensemble where you’re wearing a tiara, your look might end up quite busy if you had to wear earrings too.  However, it’s still going to be the design of the earrings that’s going to be the deciding factor if you should wear it or not.  Maybe they’re simple and small earrings.  They might be inconspicuous enough for your tiara-ed look.  If they’re too over the top, it’s best not to wear them because it’s likely going to clash with your tiara.

The same is true with pairing a necklace with earrings.  If you already have a large intricate necklace on, you might not want to wear earrings anymore.  If you don’t want to wear a necklace, you can go with big and dramatic earrings as your wedding accessories.  Basically, it’s all about balance when you’re putting things together for your wedding look.

Wedding Earrings by Design

With regard to the design of the earrings you choose for your wedding, it’s about balance and it’s also about keeping with a theme.  If you want your earrings to have color in it for example, make sure that you pick earrings that match your wedding colors.  Maybe your wedding colors are purple and white.  Get stud earrings with purple rhinestones in it.  If you have a wedding gown with an ivory hue on it, pick out earrings made of pearls.  If you’re wearing your hair in a full updo, you can forgo the dramatic chandelier earrings.

It all has to match when you want to look beautiful for your wedding – your choice of accessories, your gown, the way you wear your hair and your wedding theme.  Follow these tips and you’ll get the look that you desire – a beautiful blushing bride taking the next step in life with the one she loves dearest to her heart.



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