Should Our Wedding Rings Match?

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If you are engaged and the two of you have been at odds over the question “do wedding bands have to match” you’ll find no final word on the subject (because, truth be told, this is entirely a matter of personal preference), but this article may help you in finding some middle ground and reaching an agreement regarding just how much your rings have in common.

The most basic approach to matching wedding rings is choosing two rings or a set that are actually identical in color, width, shape, metal, and so forth. However, if the couple’s hands or ring sizes are drastically different, the same ring can look perfect on one but strange and disproportionate on the other.

What’s more often seen these days is the wedding set comprised of identical ring styles in scaled widths; for example, a 4mm and 8mm pair. This allows the rings to match and fit the proportions of each wearer’s hand if they are quite different.

Second of course to the romance factor, a major motivator in choosing wedding band sets is cost, which is often reduced when both rings are sold as a bundle. Tungsten carbide rings have become especially popular as they are made with an attractive, durable, and affordable material and provide good quality cheap wedding sets.

In addition to the basic advice provided here regarding the etiquette of wedding band choices– i.e. they should at least match in some key identifying way such as the metal type, color, or shape-other practices include that of each member of the couple paying for the other’s ring, and for the respective rings to be given to the best man and maid of honor for safe keeping until the rings are exchanged during the ceremony.

Matching wedding bands have an undeniably romantic symbolism, and picking them out together is a great way to start the life you’ll be sharing in which many more important join decisions are sure to follow.

Do wedding bands have to match?” That just depends on what ‘s best for you & yours. Whether you are searching for a high-ticket platinum set or a top quality yet cheap wedding set, DeBebians has what you’re looking for!. Free reprint available from: Should Our Wedding Rings Match?.


  1. Where can I buy these matching set of rings?

    I have two weeks, please let me know where these wonderful rings can be purchased.

  2. The Mrs.

    Hi Edward – Congratulations. The good folks over at can help you with this gorgeous matching set. We wish you all the best!

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