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When you’ve put loads of time and effort into planning your wedding, you obviously don’t want the results to go unrecorded. But while getting a photographer to document your special day is all very well, it’s worth spending some extra time coming up with some fun and quirky photos that really capture the look and ambiance of your wedding – for you and your partner to look back on fondly in the future.

Here are some especially inspired wedding photo ideas, as shared on Pinterest:

Save The Date – Literally

If you want to include a fun photo in your wedding invitation – or on your wedding blog, as some couples are doing – a great way to do so is to take a picture of yourselves visually reminding people to ‘save the date.’

As Pinterest reveals, there are loads of creative ways to do this, but the best has got to be this picture of the groom holding a cardboard cut-out of the wedding date that’s threatening to slip out of his grasp, with his future bride imploring him to ‘save the date!’

An excellent reminder, as well as good for a laugh. What more could you want from a photo?

Flying High

Jump shots are a popular (one might say ‘standard’) photo choice these days – featuring either the couple or the entire wedding party in mid-air, often with their shoes off to the side in an artful pile.

A further twist on this has been to take a jump shot that makes the subjects of the picture look like they’re flying, as opposed to merely jumping – by keeping their legs straight so it looks like they’re just hovering in mid-air.

Sounds tricky? That’s because it is – which is why this particular photo, taken mid-jump, mid-kiss, while holding on to a bunch of balloons, is so impressive – and adorable.

It’s All About Perspective

Sometimes if you’re working with a really excellent photographer, you can utilize your surrounding space in really creative ways.

For example, you can play with perspective to make it look like you’re accomplishing a dazzling feat of strength – as in this picture, which at first sight looks like the prospective groom is balancing his future wife on just one hand – until you look closely.

Breaching Boundaries

Weddings are truly magical affairs – so when it comes to the accompanying photos, it’s great to go for an extra fantasy-looking touch if you’ve got the time. Photos of happy couples kissing are a common feature of wedding photography, but this photo makes that look extra special, with the bride and groom emerging from separate frames in order to share a passionate moment.

Ringing True

Nothing completes a set of wedding photos like an artful shot or five of the wedding and engagement rings – often looped around high heels, laid alongside pretty place settings, or placed alongside Scrabble tiles spelling out ‘I do’, or ‘Mr. and Mrs.’

This shot of the wedding rings tucked into the bride’s bodice makes for a beautiful and memorable version of ring photos.

Time Lapse

If you take photos well before the wedding, a fun way to take advantage of that is to use the time lapse to your advantage in one way or another.
For example, this picture of a bride with her eyes shielded by the groom in one photo (as they’re both in ordinary clothing), with her eyes open in the next to reveal the two of them in full wedding gear, makes for a fun photo that’s definitely likely to bring a smile to their faces in years to come.


Another way to jazz up the standard kiss photos is to get the wedding party in on the fun – perhaps, as in this shot, by having them look on in happiness as they see their friends sharing a loving moment. Equally, this cute photo of two children holding up a frame around the bride and groom looks both memorable and charming.

No Spoilers

If the bride and groom want to take photos before the wedding in their full wedding attire, a great way to prevent the bride from showing off her dress before it’s time to do so is to take pictures like this – with both of them present in the photo but shielded from each other’s view. It’s amazing how wonderful such a simple yet ingenious idea can look in a photo.

Have any creative wedding photos on Pinterest caught your eye? Share your links in the comments.

{Guest Blogger} Elise Lévêque is an avid photographer, and enjoys sharing her ideas and experience by Blogging for Printer Basics.

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