The Difference Between Formal And Informal Wedding Invitations

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One part of a wedding that has to be decided upon quite early on is the wedding invitations. You have to choose an invitation style and decide whether to write the invitations yourself.  There are loads of different wedding invitations you can choose from, but even when you have decided on the style of the invitation, you will still have to decide upon the wording in the invitation.

Deciding what to say in the invitation is important, but it can be made easier if you keep the tone in the invitation as the same tone as the wedding itself.  A formal wedding may require formal prose in the invitation, whereas a casual affair may see your invitations take a more casual feel.

The design of the invitation and the font will start to set the tone, but it’s the words that will bring everything together.

Wedding etiquette usually dictates that it’s the bride’s parents that invite the attendees to a wedding.  And if you want to be formal, this can be reflected easily on the invitation. On a formal invitation the date and time of the wedding is spelled out instead of using numbers, and the only other information included is the wedding location, but this only needs to be the name of the church and not its address.

The benefit of choosing an informal wedding is that you can say just about anything you want on the invitation. If you are planning a church wedding, it might suit the occasion to be a tad more formal, but otherwise the choice is yours. Some brides and grooms simply choose to ask the attendees themselves, as most weddings today are paid for by the bride and groom themselves. If you choose an informal invitation, you can also include information about the venue and timings of the evening reception.

Other information that your guests might need to know can be inserted into the envelope on a separate piece of paper, such as directions or information about booking a hotel near to the wedding location.

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