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Tips for Making Budget and Priority Task Lists

When you are planning a wedding, there is plenty to do. You have a number of tasks to accomplish — and a number of items to buy. As you put together budget and priority task lists, it is important make sure you emphasize the most important items first, as well as organize your lists by “due date.” With a little planning, you can organize your wedding so that everything proceeds a logical fashion.

Before You Begin

As you prepare to create a budget for your wedding, and as you get ready to make a priority list, the first thing you need to do is figure out what you will need — and estimate what it will cost. List out everything you need to have happen before the wedding, including having picture taken for the announcements, ordering your titanium wedding bands, scheduling the venue, ordering the flowers and other other items. You can make a few phone calls to find out approximately what different things cost. Get ballpark figures to start, and then add 20% (because you know it’s going to cost more than you think).

Once you have everything listed out, along with the approximate costs involved, you can begin putting together a budget and a priority task list.

Preparing Your Wedding Budget

As you put together your wedding budget, keep in mind that your goal will be to spend less than you have budgeted. This means looking for deals as you go along, and comparison shopping. You can even make a list of things that you can do yourself in order to cut back on costs.

Also, as you prepare your budget, make a note of vendors that will allow you to set up a payment plan with favorable terms, or that will allow you to begin making payment installments ahead of time, without interest. This way, you can spread out the cost of your wedding. If you have a longer time frame, plan to make purchases a little bit at a time, slowly acquiring what you need over months, rather than trying to purchase it all at once.

Creating a Priority List

Planning a wedding requires that you complete some items in a certain order. One of the items that should be near the top of your priority list is scheduling the venue. You want to make sure that your ceremony and reception venues are available when you want them. Indeed, this should be the first thing you do, including make sure you have the money available for the deposits you might need.

Look at your timetable, and determine which things will take longer to prepare. It can take a while to have wedding announcements printed, so those should be ordered a couple of months before you want to send them out. Get a planner just for your wedding so that you can keep track of dates, tasks that need to be accomplished, and make notations of prices. You can also use a whiteboard with a wedding timeline on it to help you visualize when things need to be done.

In the end, it’s all about making sure the most important and time sensitive items are accomplished first, and filling in with everything else.

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