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5 Dresses For Pregnant Brides: Make The Moment Special

Wedding is the most important day of a women’s life and everyone wants to look the best. A pregnant woman needs to choose her dress carefully to look beautiful. And that is the reason specially tailored wedding dresses are...

6 months ago
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Bridesmaid’s Gift – Lumnique Candles

 What’s a bride to do when she wants to give a personal gift to each of her bridesmaids, but doesn’t want to give each friend the same thing? We’ve found Luminique. The perfect way to give every bridesmaid identical,...

6 months ago
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{GB} Engagement Ring Trends for 2011

2011 is set to be an exciting year for the bridal industry – in Britain and America at least: There’s a royal wedding taking place.  Prince William will marry long-term girlfriend Kate Middleton in April and experts are predicting...

6 months ago
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The Return To Wedding Elegance

Although Converse sneakers and fun cakes have been popular for the past couple of years, this year could bring a resurgence of the elegant wedding.  Whether it’s her love for an era gone by or her simple, chic style,...

6 months ago
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{GB} Fun Ways to Keep Children Entertained at a Wedding

Being a bride is exciting, yet one of the most stressful times a woman will come across.  Between choosing decorations, and finding all the photographers, caterers, and everyone else for your big day, you’re exhausted and just crossing your...

6 months ago
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{GB} How the Right Accessories Can Make or Break Your Wedding Dress

Most women feel that the dress is the most important part of their wedding day.  To a large extent, this is true.  Choosing the right dress can make a women look and feel like the radiant bride she is...

6 months ago
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{GB} Getting The Perfect Wedding Smile

  Most people consider their wedding day to be one of the most important days of their life and a great deal of preparation goes into organising the perfect day. Amongst all the stress of booking venues, cars and...

6 months ago
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Daily Deals for Brides –

Exciting new deals every day — experience the best in your city while saving up to 90% off! Sign up to receive thier daily deal alerts for a city near you! Our friends over at have all kinds of...

6 months ago
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The Perfect Bridal Shower Gift

Are you struggling to find that perfect gift for the bride? Today, you have two kinds of bridal showers. What has become the tradition, bridal shower gifts that are geared to help the couple get household items for their...

6 months ago
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{GB} Getting Married While Pregnant

Are you pregnant, and getting married? Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, and on your pregnancy! Getting hitched while you are expecting can be a wonderful experience, but it does require a bit of extra planning. Whether you are in...

6 months ago
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Bridesmaids Large Frame Clutch

I am always on the look for a great bridesmaid’s gift.  Found these at FA2U Designs.  If you want all your bridesmaids to have matching accessories, these are affordable and yet they can use them again and again.  So many colors and patterns to...

6 months ago
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Evolution of Diamond Ring Cutting Styles

Lots of studies are conducted to ensure where and who made the first attempt to cut diamonds. The conclusion stops at one of the European countries that practiced first diamond cutting styles. The European travelers coming to India for...

6 months ago
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Save The Date With These Bridal Beauty “Don’ts”

Every bride dreams of having the perfect skin, hair and makeup on her special day. With so many guests and shutterbugs, it’s no wonder that lots of women begin their wedding beauty preparations months in advance of the ceremony....

6 months ago
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Crafting a Wedding Blueprint: The Inspiration Board

It’s an unfortunate truth: a DIY wedding can cost as much as a venue crafted by professionals. Why? DIY or no, brides make mistakes when they don’t know what they want. There’s nothing worse than figuring out your perfect...

8 months ago
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{GB} Unique Gifts to Pamper Brides, Bridesmaids and Wedding Guests

Are you looking for unique gifts for wedding favors, bridesmaids’ gifts and goodie bags? Or, looking to pamper yourself before the special day. How about a gift of kindness for the body? At Naturally Susan’s, we’re about natural, organic...

9 months ago
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Favorite Finds: 5 Bridesmaid Gift Rings Personalized

  Now here is a great, personal, gift you can give to your bridesmaids.  A great idea for these bridesmaid’s rings, is to get them as pinky rings to form a special sisterhood.  Get them at Dreaming Tree Creation...

9 months ago
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5 Great Personalized Bridesmaid Gifts

One of the many concerns brides have when planning a wedding is deciding what to give their bridesmaids. You want to give them something cute and stylish that they will wear again while at the same time showing your...

9 months ago
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{GB} Bachelorettes On A Budget

Planning your girlfriend’s bachelorette party can be a lot of fun, especially if you are attempting to plan the party on a budget. Now I know that probably sounds a little wacky, I mean, how can planning a party...

9 months ago
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{SpotLight} Durable Tungsten Carbide Wedding Bands

Looking for durable mens wedding bands that don’t substitute style for durability? has got you covered with their line of Tungsten Forever tungsten wedding bands and tungsten rings. Made from the hardest metal alloy in the jewelry industry...

10 months ago
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DIY Wedding Vow Renewal

Ask any married person to name the most significant and emotional days of their life and chances are that their wedding day will be right up there. Now pardon me if I digress for a moment, but I want...

11 months ago
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Pre-Wedding Skin Prep: Hello, Gorgeous!

While we ladies love being primped and pampered, it’s not all about airbrushed makeup and the perfect dress. The key to feeling confident on your big day (and applying beautiful wedding makeup seamlessly) is feeling good in the skin...

11 months ago
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{GB} From Idea to Reality: Designing Your Own Customized Engagement Ring

  For the past several years I have worked for a jewelry store as a member of their custom engagement ring design team. Since I’ve always had an interest in all things wedding, especially since I just recently became...

11 months ago
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How To Stay Fresh At Your Summer Wedding

Summer is the perfect season to arrange your wedding.  However, heat can cause problem and does not allow you do makeup as well as hair style in a well manner. Here, we have given you a few easy to follow...

11 months ago
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Classy Hen Night Games – Do They Really Exist?

I’ve been doing a bit of hen-related keyword research recently, and one thing that keeps popping up is the word ‘classy’. Classy themes, classy accessories, classy gifts…it seems like a lot of brides are turning their noses up to...

1 year ago
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Prepping the Skin for Wedding Day Makeup

Likely, you’ve been planning for your wedding day since elementary school; picking out color themes, tearing out magazine photos of updos or cascading hairstyles and fawning over the endless crisp white dresses and romantic makeup possibilities. As the date...

1 year ago
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