Wedding Catering

{GB} The Art of Working with a Wedding Caterer

For many happy couples, there is no more special day than their “big day”. However, too often, the big day turns into a “big stress” for the bride and groom. Your wedding day is your day, and should be...

5 months ago
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{GB} Wedding Catering Myths

Catering is an integral part of your wedding and can make or break your celebration. With this pressure to create an affordable menu that everyone enjoys, it often leads brides into a tailspin of stress and frustration. What’s more,...

5 months ago
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Hot or Cold? Choosing Your Catering Menu

The location is picked out and the entertainment is booked, but one feat still remains- choosing your catering menu. It’s no secret that brides and grooms will inevitably become stressed out and frustrated over some aspect of their wedding...

7 months ago
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Foods To Avoid Serving At Your Wedding

In between wedding toasts and the conga line, comes the meal. Aside from seeing the bride in her gorgeous dress and getting a glimpse of the glorious wedding cake, many people are most excited about the food. The catering...

8 months ago
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What Information Should I Have Available When Talking To A Caterer?

When planning any type of event, you want to make sure it is done right. Considering food is one of the most important elements, most people choose to hire a catering company in order to ensure the best.  While...

9 months ago
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{GB} Catering: Behind the Scenes

The catering industry is a multibillion-dollar-a-year industry, involving tens of thousands of professionals and their staffs, serving millions of people a year. While most people see catering as a simple means of providing food and service for their wedding,...

12 months ago
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