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Unique Locations for Engagement Photo Shoots

Paul Barnett Engagement PhotoYou’ve probably heard about all the reasons why you should book an engagement photo shoot. Sure it gives you cute pictures for your “save the date” announcements, but it also gives you and your sweetie a chance to get comfortable being professionally photographed together prior to your wedding photos. You’ll have a chance to get used to working with your photographer, and the photographer will be able to figure out your best angles and the best ways to get you to relax and look natural rather than posed. Once you’ve decided to do an engagement photo shoot, however, the next big question arises: where should this photo shoot take place?

First and foremost, your engagement photos should be taken in a setting that has a special meaning for you or says something significant about you as a couple. You can have your photos taken where you first met or went on your first real date, the place where the proposal took place, or a favorite place where you like to spend time together. If there are hobbies that form an integral part of your story, try incorporating them! Maybe you’re both avid sports fans and want to have pictures at the arena, or maybe you’re both artists and want photos in the studio with your oil canvas or your potter’s wheel. Maybe you have a favorite used bookstore or a favorite cozy café. Don’t be afraid to get creative. Choose a location that will bring out lots of happy memories and genuine smiles as you and your betrothed pose together for the camera.

Second, your photos should ideally be taken in a place that’s visually interesting. You might be marrying your high school sweetheart, but you most likely don’t want your engagement photos amidst lockers, linoleum, and fluorescent lighting. A better choice might be a nearby park or woodland, places with natural beauty and natural light to make you look your best. You can also try local monuments and historic buildings—fresh-faced photos of a happy couple look great next to the gravitas of important local sights. Beyond that, think about attractions that are more lighthearted—zoos and aquariums are wonderful and whimsical and full of interesting settings for photos. Just make sure that whatever location you choose isn’t so incredibly interesting that the background takes the focus away from you.

Beyond the considerations of what the place means to you and says about you as a couple, and the considerations of which places will look the best in the photos, there are also some additional practical considerations to take into account. Does the location have limited hours? Is there a price for access or for bringing a photographer? If you’re going to a museum or aquarium, will you need to arrange the photoshoot outside of normal business hours? You’ll want to answer these logistical questions before making any definite arrangements. You’ll also want to consult with your photographer about things like lighting in whatever spot you choose.

With these tips in mind, it should be easy to come up with a location for a beautiful and unique engagement photography session. Here’s to gorgeous photos of you and your one true love!

{Guest Blogger} Diana Carlton is a writer for Paul Barnett, San Diego’s top wedding photographer. Based in Southern California, Paul Barnett’s unique style and experience have taken him across the world for luxury weddings to capture the beauty of celebrations of all sizes.

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