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It’s that time of year again where everywhere you look stunning white dresses, frilly accessories, yummy cakes and beautiful photo albums seem to be showcased. With the arrival of spring, so comes wedding season. This is an exciting and romantic time of year, filled with hope, nice smelling flowers and love struck couples committing, for better or for worse! But what if you want a unique and fun way to preserve the day, not something that is going to be tucked away for ever, only to be pulled out occasionally, such as an anniversary? Or maybe you are looking for the perfect wedding gift for the new couple, offering them a fun and everlasting wedding memory? Here are some unique and inexpensive personalized wedding gift ideas, offering some different ways for newlyweds to showcase their wedding day long after the event.

Not just a guest book:

I think this is a great way to offer up a New Spin On An Old Favorite. How often do you see those stunning and intricate guest books at the wedding that are later tucked away and not seen again for years. The personalized ‘wedding wishes’ frames make an awesome and unique wedding gift, a really practical solution to preserving the memories of all the guests that shared in your wedding day. Once the wedding is done the happy couple can add in a photo of their choice and proudly hang the frame anywhere in their home so that it does not become just another thing that gets packed away. This tasteful, brushed silver plated frame comes personalized with both the bride and groom’s names and their wedding date. You can add up to 2 lines with a total of 20 characters per line.

Another spin on this wedding gift theme is the canvas signature guest frame. Easily able to hold over 200 signatures and messages, this custom printed crisp, white canvas comes in a stylish black veneer casing frame and a clear Plexiglas cover. You can have the canvas printed with whatever message you would like, or simply just the bride and grooms name, leaving lots of room for guests to fill in the signatures and well wishes for the newly married couple. This gift offers a unique and elegant way for the newlyweds to prominently display their ‘guest book’ to be enjoyed long after the wedding “I Do’s” are finished being exchanged.

Finding the right personalized and unique wedding gift can be tricky. Hopefully these suggestions offer you some fun and different ideas for gifts that both the bride and groom can enjoy for years to come by preserving the special day in an unconventional way!

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