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Using Pinterest to Plan Your Wedding

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Pinterest is a like an online idea board that allows you to ‘pin’ images, videos, articles and other objects and collate them all online. It’s the perfect place to discover new ideas and inspiration to help you plan your perfect wedding day. Collate all those wedding ideas that you see everywhere and discover the thousands of wedding ideas already being pinned by brides to be. This article will cover how you can get started with Pinterest, as well as giving you advice as to how you can properly use all Pinterest has to offer.  Here we go!

How to Start

Although there is currently a waiting list to join Pinterest, you can register simply by entering your email address on their site and they will email you when a log in is available. However, if you have family or friends on Pinterest, they can invite you to join straightaway. Why not try asking around on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, or even at the office. There’s bound to be someone who’s already on Pinterest and would love to share their pinning obsession with you! Even if you can’t get your own Pinterest log in, you can still browse all of the items that other people have.

 Install the “Pin It” Bookmark

This little tool sits on your toolbar and makes it easy for you to pin all the great ideas you find online. It’s easy to do, just follow the instructions here.

Now when you find pictures of the perfect dress, beautiful flower arrangements, table settings or favor ideas, simply click the “Pin It” button to save it to your Pinterest board. Now there’s no chance you will forget where you found a particular idea!

Creating Boards

Before you can start pinning you need to create a Pinterest Board. Boards are used to collect all of your pins that are in the same category or theme. You may just want one ‘wedding’ board but be warned, they tend to grow quickly when you start pinning so we’d suggest creating boards for all the different areas of your wedding. Here are some ideas for the different boards you might want to create –

  • Wedding dress inspiration
  • Wedding cake ideas
  • Reception venues
  • Flowers arrangements
  • Engagement / Wedding rings
  • Music
  • Wedding photos I must have!
  • Bridesmaid dresses
  • Wedding Stationary

Searching Pinterest

Here’s where the real fun begins. Be prepared to lose hours gazing at all of the incredible images and ideas already pinned by people!

Just type what you’re looking for into the Pinterest search box, for example, ‘lace veils’, ‘wedding hairstyles’ or ‘favors’ and you’ll be presented with all the beautiful ideas that other brides to be have already collected. We guarantee you’ll find more ideas than you’ll ever be able to incorporate into your wedding day!


When you find a pin that you like and want to remember to use in your wedding or keep it for inspiration then you can save these to your own wedding boards by clicking the ‘repin’ button. Doing this will help you build up a board of all your favorite ideas, all in one place. This makes it easy to review the ideas with your partner, Mum, bridesmaids, wedding organizer, whoever you want to involve in your wedding!

Follow Wedding Experts

To uncover more hidden wedding gems, you can choose to follow other people who create wedding related boards. A personal favorite is StyleMePretty because of her chic, vintage style. Go and check out her stunning boards when you’ve finished reading!

You can even leave comments on different pins and you may find people are willing to give advice in their replies.

Pin on the Go!

With today’s technology you’d obviously expect a mobile service for Pinterest and they don’t disappoint. Downloading the Pinterest app for your smart phone means that you can snap pictures when you’re out wedding shopping and then pin them to your boards on the move!

Pinterest is an amazing way to discover new ideas and the perfect way to keep all your wedding ideas safe and organized in one place. So go and make a start today!


About the Author: When not daydreaming about weddings and romance, Wayne Baker writes about all things wedding related for wedding and engagement diamond ring specialist Portfolio of Fine Diamonds.

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